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Pagina di snodo Tassonomia
Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Roma Capitale
Via Francesco Crispi, 24

Founded in 1925 the collection kept in the Gallery of  Via Crispi, has had from the beinning a very  precis purpose that is , to establish itself as a civic museum and at the same time to document

Palazzo Barberini - Ph. Alberto Novelli
Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13

The National Galleries of Ancient Art are a single museum institution divided between Palazzo Barberini and Palazzo Corsini.

Il Fantastico Mondo del Fantastico
Via della Tenuta del Cavaliere, 230

The Fantastic World of the Fantastic is a theme park dedicated to the incredible world of fantasy and the imagination.

Il Giardino di Ninfa

A beautiful example of medieval poetry and architecture

Ipogeo di via Livenza - Foto sovraintendenzaroma.it
Via Livenza, 4

Not far from the Aurelian Walls and the gardens of

Torre della Scimmia
Via dei Portoghesi

During the Middle Ages, the skyline of Rome was very different from the one we see today.

Leonardo da Vinci Experience
Via della Conciliazione, 19

The permanent exhibition dedicated to the Universal Genius, Leonardo da Vinci, set up in via della Conciliazione, a few steps from


With 35 attractions the magic park is ideal entertainment not just for grown-ups and toddlers, but also for the young hungry for thrills and an adrenaline-packed day. Something for everyone!

Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4

Located in the heart of Rione XX - Testaccio, the a

Mausoleo di Lucilio Peto
Via Salaria, 125

The Mausoleum of Lucilio Peto (dated to the late first century) was discovered in 1887, about 6 meters below the present ground level, during the work on the positioning of the former Vigna Bertone

Piazza dei Tribuni

Seen from a distance it looks like a simple hillock crowned with olive trees but it actually hides a majestic tumulus tomb, the third largest in Rome after the

Meta sudans
Piazza del Colosseo

In front of the Arch of Constantine, the remains of an ancient fountain are still visible.

Museo dell'Ara Pacis
Lungotevere in Augusta

The Ara Pacis is one of the greatest of all artistic works of the Ancients.

Berlina Egiziana
Via della Dataria, 96

In the “Scuderie Sabaude” (stables of the Savoys) – located within the complex of

Il Convento dei Frati Minori Cappuccini di via Veneto
Via Vittorio Veneto, 27

The museum attached to the Baroque church of Santa Maria della Concezione

Via Cassia, 492

A few minutes after having crossed Via Cassia Antica and Via Cassia Nuova , in a quiet and peaceful place, we can find the house museum of the sculptor Venanzo Crocetti

Museo Napoleonico
Piazza di Ponte Umberto I, 1

The Napoleonic Museum is a rare example of a museum, where it is possible to explore through history spanning over a century.

Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo
Lungotevere Castello, 50

Located a few steps from St.

Crypta Balbi Foto Museo Nazionale Romano
Via delle Botteghe Oscure, 31

Home to the National Roman Museum along with Palazzo Massimo,

Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Altemps
Via di Sant'Apollinare, 46

Thanks to the recent restoration work organised by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the appearance of this palazzo, acquired in 1568 by Cardinal Marco Sittico Altemps, is once ag

Museo Storico dei Granatieri
Piazza di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, 7

The first proposal for the Historical Museum of the Granatieri (Grenadiers – specialized unit of the Infantry) was presented on 5 March 1903 when a group of military officials met in the hall dedic

Museo storico dell'Arma dei Carabinieri
Piazza Del Risorgimento, 46

The Museo Storico was founded in 1925. The building hosting this museum dates back to the late nineteenth century.

Museo Storico della Motorizzazione Militare
Viale dell'Esercito, 170

The Historical Museum of Military Vehicles, which was established in 1955, is Italy’s only existing collection of vehicles spanning a century of military vehicle history.


Palazzo Propaganda Fide © Ivan Vdovin _ Agf
Via di Propaganda, 1

Between 1642 and 1644, Bernini, for his patron Urban VIII, designed and constructed the façade of the palazzo looking over the square.

Palazzo Mattei
Via Michelangelo Caetani, 32

Palazzo Mattei di Giove also known as Palazzo Antici Mattei or Palazzo Mattei ai Funari, is located in via Michelangelo Caetani, in the

Parco degli Acquedotti
Via Lemonia, 256

Seductive landscapes of wild and still unspoiled nature

Tombe di via Latina
Via dell'Arco di Travertino, 151

The Archaeological Park of the Tombs of Via Latina is one of the most important funerary complexes in the suburb of Rome, which still preserves the traditional appearance of the an