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The sea of Rome

Il mare di Roma

The sea has a particular magic that has always fascinated us: walking barefoot on the sand, feeling the warmth of summer on the skin or "breathing" the intense sensations of the sea in Winter, being moved by the sun setting over the water, regenerating in contact with nature.
Rome is a city by the sea. Besides its historical-archaeological heart, the Capital also has a marine soul: Lido di Ostia, long stretches of sand, rationalist and Art Nouveau architecture, in a neighbourhood that is like a small city.
The contemporary history of Rome and its coast was born at the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to a new idea of experiencing the sea, many historical bathing establishments were built. Still today, many of them wind along a continuous promenade of colourful beach umbrellas, elegant bathing huts, great restaurants, and trendy cocktail bars.

Eating and Drinking by the sea

A must for Romans and tourists is a cocktail by the sea: a glass of bubbles or an eclectic mix of ingredients, accompanied by appetizers while admiring the incomparable sunset colours. You will find irresistible the refined and tasty cuisine − based on fresh fish and shellfish − to be enjoyed together with a glass of local wine in front of a breathtaking view. The seafood specialities choice is wide: from the traditional spaghetti alle vongole to the creative recipes of the talented local chefs.

Sport, what a passion!

If you are a sports fan, you will not be disappointed: at the beach of Rome you can have a jogging session by the sea, play an exciting game of beach volleyball, beach soccer or frisbee with your friends, face its waters rippled by the wind aboard a surf, a windsurf, or try your hand on top of a kitesurf. Not to be missed the Concrete Skate Park, 1600 square meters dedicated to skate and urban art.

Experience the sea at 360 degrees

Lido di Ostia represents the way to feel all the shades of the sea, thanks to the modern Tourist Port of Rome: sailing, enjoying a luxury yacht, shopping, and spending moments of leisure. A setting for main cultural and sporting events, the port is ideal for a pleasant walk, jogging, cycling, tasting an ice cream, sipping a cocktail, eating in one of the many restaurants, surrounded by the seductive seaside atmosphere.

Wild nature

The free and wild side of the coast is unveiled in the coastal strip of the “Cancelli”: 5 km of natural oases characterized by sand dunes. It is the most evocative stretch of the sea. Here, you can spend pleasant days in complete relaxation - surrounded by the wonderful blooms and typical plants of the Mediterranean scrub - or in the name of joy and lightheartedness, with the DJ sets so loved by the young Romans.

The charm of traditions

Between the coast and the luxuriant pine forest of Castelfusano is the enchanting Borghetto dei Pescatori, where time seems to stand still. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the traditions are intact. A must-see event is the suggestive procession of fishing boats with the Madonna Stella Maris, followed by the "Marriage with the Sea", a symbolic union between the fishermen and their protectress Virgin Mary. An explosion of taste is the usual Sagra della tellina, which, since 1963, has attracted Romans and tourists passionate about this exquisite seafood.

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