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Pagina di snodo Tassonomia

Jokes, fun and a bit of overindulgence 

Abbacchio a scottadito ph. Gambero Rosso

Among the tastiest and most popular recipes of Roman cuisine, abbacchio "a scottadito" (grilled lamb) is the dish par excellence of festivities and spring season, accordin


Delicious, filled with pastry cream and dusted with powdered sugar, a truly explosion of goodness both in the fried and baked version: a close relative of the Neapolitan Zeppole, St.


Biscotti tipici dei Castelli Romani di origine antichissima

Coda alla Vaccinara - Checchino dal 1887

One of the absolute protagonists of typical Roman cuisine is "the fifth quarter", the offal of butchered animals, which gave birth to the tastiest recipes of local gastronomy.

Crostata di ricotta e visciole

Among the courses linked to the strong tradition with a predominantly family character, handed down over the centuries orally, the ricotta and sour cherry tart is a great classic o


“Romano de Roma”, a truly Roman character

Le fave

The first day of the month of May has always been a feast day for Romans and an occasion to leave the city behind and enjoy a day out in the countryside, “for de porta” (outside the city g


In Ancient Rome, this delicious fruit was traditionally a part of the festivities in honour of Adonis, taking place during the Ides of June.

Gelato di ricotta ph. Giallo Zafferano

Sweet and delicate flavour, soft texture and white colour: ricotta is the perfect ingredient to accompany many traditional Roman recipes.

Gnocchi di patate

Thursday gnocchi!

The tradition of eating broad beans to remember the dead goes far back in time – to Ancient Rome.

Che figo! (lit. What a fig!) - So cool!

Il gelato artigianale

Artisan gelato, a fascinating history of the fusion of cultures.
The tradition

Il maritozzo

The eighth king of Rome

Torrone e frutta secca

Il Natale è un’occasione per riunirsi in famiglia e condividere i piaceri della tavola

Mandarini, arance e frutta secca

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, especially when, on holidays, the city reveals one of its most irresistible aspects: the exceptional gastronomic tradition.

“Portace n’antro litro”, Bring us one more bottle

Involtini di carne alla romana-foto: Pixabay

Roman-style meat rolls with tomato sauce are one of the most traditional and typical recipes in the entire Lazio region.

Aglio e cipolla

Modest and aromatic, onion and garlic are two fundamental ingredients of traditional Roman cuisine, rich in intense and genuine flavours.

La grattachecca

A fresh explosion of taste


Renowned and celebrated worldwide, the typical Roman cuisine boasts a thousand-year trad

Il brodetto romano

Dolci tradizionali, uova, sode ed al cioccolato e carni di agnello