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Pagina di snodo Tassonomia

Flavours and ancient traditions in a place where time seems to have stopped

Il mare di Roma

The marine soul of Rome

Il porto di Ostia

The history of the area as a port city has ancient origins; its sense and significance can be found in relation to the nearby city of Rome.

Le dune costiere

Along the Roman coast we can see the dune ecosystem, rarer and rarer along the coasts of the Italian peninsula.


We are in the Natural Reserve of the Roman Coast. The drainage, carried out about a century ago, gave back fertility to these fields, thus restoring their agricultural and pastoral use.


The seaplane base, defined by Pier Paolo Pasolini “a place of feverish newness”, looks like an isolated village and, in some parts, messy, at the mouth of the Tiber, remembered almost exclusively f

Riserva Naturale statale Litorale Romano

At the end of the ‘70s some national and local associations decided to found the Park of the Roman Coast in order to safeguard and enhance biodiversity in this area, with the moral purpose of oppos

Secche di Tor Paterno
Via del Canale di Castel Fusano, 11

The Shoals of Tor Paterno, located off the Roman coast between Ostia and Torvajanica, consist of a rock formation covered with animal and vegetable organisms that,

La spiaggia di Ostia

Bathing, a practice that started to spread in the modern age, is the result of the emergence of a new social model.

La bonifica

The coast often evokes images related to the sea, sun and fun. Few know the history of the drainage of Ostia.

Tenuta Presidenziale di Castel Porziano
Via Pontina, 690

The Presidential Estate of Castelporziano covers an area of about 59 square kilometers (5,892 hectares) and is 24 kilometers from the center of Rome.