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The Roman-Jewish cuisine

Le alici nella cucina ebraico-romanesca

Visible signs of the millennial presence in Rome of Jewish culture is found in the cuisine of the capital that offers historical recipes related to Jewish Roman tradition with a focus on the choice of food and wine products, often poor, simple and seasonal, according to strict religious rules that identify the foods permitted, or "kosher" in Hebrew. These dishes come from traditional cuisine, mostly of domestic nature, handed down through the centuries, which is adapted to the culture and local products, creating unique and sometimes surprising recipes, that contain love, history, tradition and religion. Recipes related to seasons and the religious celebrations that we can still enjoy during different periods of the year in Roman osterie, including the famous carciofi alla giudia (artichokes), zucchini flowers fried, the eggplant caponata, meatloaf with potatoes and tuna, the couples of dried meat (coppiette) and animelle with chickpeas that derive from the Jewish tradition of the fifth quarter, the bread of Shabbat braid shaped. But what recipe, given the season, we can prepare at home, in the family and in moments of conviviality with friends? We suggest “Aliciotti con l’indivia (Anchovies with endive).”  

Recipe: Aliciotti con l’indivia - (Anchovies with endive)  
Ingredients for 4 people:
-  800 g of fresh anchovies;
-  1 kg of roman endive;
-  2 cloves of garlic;
-  3
tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil;
- sale and pepper.

Peel the endive discarding core and tough outer leaves and then wash repeatedly under running water and then dry coarsely chop it up. Add salt and place in a colander leaving it for a couple of hours so it lose some of the water vegetation. Remove the head of the anchovies, open them and leaving them attached on the back and remove the fishbone and entrails. Wash them and put them on a double layer of paper towels to dry. Grease with a little oil a baking dish with a diameter of 24 cm of high and arrange the anchovies in a single layer. Flavor them with salt and pepper and a few slices of garlic and cover the anchovies with part of endive. Continue with the layers until all the ingredients finish, pouring the oil on the last layer that must be of vegetables. Put the pan in the oven pre-heated to 200 degrees and cook for about 40 minutes. Serve it warm. This ancient dish from the Judeo-Roman tradition is also tasteful to be eaten cold. The original recipe calls for the use of unseasonade endive but in this case the preparation is a little aqueous.  

Where to eat .. if you do not want to cook
We suggest Trattoria Slow Food “Da Armando al Pantheon”. In the center of the old town, between the Pantheon and Palazzo Madama, the restaurant was founded in 1961 as a wine bar with kitchen, and is a reference point for those looking for traditional cuisine, seasonal products and quality. Salita de’Crescenzi, 31. Tel 0668803034.   Sites where buying Slow: Mercato della Terra Laurentina, Every month the last Sunday, from 9am to 2pm Via Ignazio Silone 100, in front of Municipio XII. Information:


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