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Roma World - The park dedicated to Ancient Rome

Roma World

Roma World is the Ancient Rome Theme Park where you can experience history and a day as an ancient Roman on a journey that takes you 2000 years back in time. It is the ideal destination for an evocative experience immersed in the nature of a five-hectare park, amidst cork forests and meadows of the Roman countryside.

Let history begin!

This experience park invites you to discover the habits, customs and traditions of the time, thanks to unique activities and dedicated shows: the Gladiator show, the Falconry show where you can admire the flight of the eagle and other birds of prey, and Roma On Fire, the grandiose evening live spectacle performed on the majestic set of the colossal Ben Hur.

Experience a day as an ancient Roman

Roma World awaits you with the Backlot Tour, a journey through the most iconic and evocative sets in film history. From the Ben Hur Arena - also chosen by Roland Emmerich's American TV series Those About To Die starring Anthony Hopkins - to the woods of the Medieval Village, the setting for the film William Tell and the historical series Romulus. If, like the Swiss hero, you want to try your hand at archery, you can join Sfida l'Arciere (Archer's Challenge), a duel to the last arrow with the park's master marksman. Otherwise, you can participate in the Gladiator School led by the instructors of the Gruppo Storico Romano or the Falconiere per un giorno (Falconry for a Day) programme. In the Armoury inside the Castrum you can, under the supervision of a Praetorian, wear your armour and immortalise the moment in a snapshot to share on social media.

Creativity is the star at the Mosaic Workshop, where you can create personalised works of art with coloured tesserae, as was done in ancient Rome, under the guidance of experts and, at the end of the activity, take your creation home.

A park surrounded by greenery

The heart of the park's activities is the connection with nature: you can discover the secrets of biodiversity with the Botanical Tour and meet and feed the farm animals.

Eat like an ancient Roman

But there's more! Roma World also gives you the opportunity to enjoy authentic Roman meals in the Taberna, with exquisite meats and peasant flavours for both lunch and dinner, shop among the stalls of the Ancient Market and take part in popular activities such as Archery and ceremonies with sacred rites at the Temple of Juno.

From 1 May 2024, you can even extend the experience to nightfall, with the Gladiator Package you can stay overnight in the tents of the Roman Legion village.

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Roma World - Parco a tema dedicato alla Roma antica, Via di Castel Romano
Via di Castel Romano
41° 42' 37.5804" N, 12° 26' 55.8312" E


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