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Porta San Sebastiano

Monumenti - Porta S. Sebastiano © Tono Labra _ AGF

Formerly called Porta Appia because it was crossed by the street of the same name, Porta San Sebastiano is the largest door among those in the Aurelian Walls and is still in excellent condition.

 Originally it had two twin arched entrances, on the sides of which were two semicircular towers.

Subsequently, the towers were enlarged and raised by one floor, and a fortified courtyard was created inside. Probably under Honorius (395-423 AD), the two entrances became the single one that today constitutes the current opening. The towers were inserted into two large square bases covered with marble.

The figure of the Archangel Gabriel and a medieval inscription are still visible, engraved in the marble, in the right jamb of the door. It recalls the victorious battle of the Roman people against Robert of Anjou, which took place near the door in 1327.

The interiors underwent numerous transformations, especially in the years 1942-43, when the building became the residence of Ettore Muti, secretary of the fascist party. Today, Porta San Sebastiano hosts the Museum of the Walls, which traces the history of the city's fortifications, those of the royal and republican age and those of Aureliano from the third century. A.D.

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Porta San Sebastiano, Via di Porta San Sebastiano, 18
Via di Porta San Sebastiano, 18
41° 52' 25.4244" N, 12° 30' 5.0508" E


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