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Piero Cannizzaro. Racconti d’Africa

Piero Cannizzaro. Racconti d’Africa-Foto Palazzo Merulana

The exhibition "Racconti d’Africa" (“Tales of Africa”) ​​by Piero Cannizzaro, curated by Glauco Dattini presents over 40 photographs, taken during the filming of the documentary "Stories of Africa" ​​- shot by Cannizzaro himself - produced by the International Cooperation and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in collaboration with the IOM, in West Africa, between Senegal, the Ivory Coast and Guinea.

Cannizzaro's photographs, to use the words of the writer Dacia Maraini, are "The road of the gaze that becomes color and movement": the author tried to capture, in the images of women and men he portrayed in their daily life, the tenacity expressed by the looks, the elegance of the movements, the beauty and the colors of their traditional clothes, trying to return vivid and intense emotions thanks to the use of light and technology.

The photos represent many different aspects of Africa, which the artist, driven by the desire for knowledge of different cultures and places, was able to show with great ability; the documentary instead focuses on the theme of emigration: it tells stories of people who had tried in vain to reach Europe through sea voyages and others who had returned home. People who had borne terrible sufferings and trials of all kinds and, despite this, always full of hope and desire to start again.

The exhibition offers an opportunity to discover a land with many faces, with a thousand stories to tell.

Photo: Courtesy of Palazzo Merulana

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Piero Cannizzaro. Racconti d’Africa, Via Merulana, 121
Via Merulana, 121
41° 53' 23.5392" N, 12° 30' 11.9016" E

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