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Toy Race 2024

Corsa del Giocattolo 2024-Foto: sito ufficiale turismoroma

The traditional running event on the day of the Epiphany is back, the non-competitive 5 km running, walking or free walking event to be covered at a free pace starting at 11.00 o’clock, open to all, on the Terrazza del Pincio in Villa Borghese.

The event, now in its 46th edition, has had, since its debut in 1976, charitable purposes as its aim is to help less fortunate children; the event is in fact free and all participants, to register, deliver a toy, even used, as long as it is in good condition and working. The collected toys are then delivered, by the Red Cross, to children in institutes for abandoned children and to some pediatric departments in Roman hospitals.

The route is always the one that, from Piazzale del Pincio, passes inside Villa Borghese along the reserved avenues away from traffic and then always ends at Piazzale del Pincio.

The event is organized by Cral Inps together with the Empire Sport Resort.


6 January 2024
POINT (12.5000738 41.8978427)

Sabato 6 gennaio 2024

Ritrovo ore 9.00
Partenza ore 11.00

Piazzale del Pincio

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Corsa del Giocattolo 2024, Piazzale Napoleone I
Piazzale Napoleone I
41° 53' 52.2348" N, 12° 30' 0.2664" E

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