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Cinecittà Shows Off

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Since 2011, the famed Dream Factory of Cinecittà Studios, born 1937, has been open to the public with the project Cinecittà Shows Off, a culture initiative aimed at narrating the history of the studios and of the film productions that have contributed to its legend. The visit starts at the entrance, on Via Tuscolana 1055, built in the typical Rationalist architecture of the 30s, which leads to the green area of the facility, where we find the huge and mysterious head of Venusia, created for the movie Fellini’s Casanova in 1976. The touring experience is divided into two distinct phases: the exhibitions in the historical buildings and the visit to the permanent sets.

In the historical buildings, four itineraries offer an interactive approach to the history of the Studios, with a particular focus on the Italian and International cinema productions: “Shooting in Cinecittà”, to explore the history of great films and discover fun facts through a selection of images, videos, interviews and original costumes; “Backstage - Cinecittà’s Educational Route”, offering a glimpse into the various cinema trades; “Submarine S-33”, made for the film U-571 directed by Jonathan Mostow. The fourth and newest permanent exhibition route, “FELLINIANA - Ferretti dreams Fellini”, was created by Francesca Lo Schiavo and Dante Ferretti, the set designer who materialized Federico Fellini’s dreams and visions, and is an immersive dive into Fellini’s imagination, a small town inside Cinecittà. Three large permanent sets can be toured every day with specialized guides: the monumental “Ancient Rome”, one of the largest sets in Cinecittà, built for the HBO TV series Rome; the “Temple of Jerusalem”, combining different styles, influences and architectures; “Florence in 1400”, made in 2002 and then used for different settings and eras.

Also included in the visit is MIAC - Museo italiano dell’Audiovisivo e del Cinema, a 1,600 square meter space with hundreds of films, interactive installations, video art and multimedia experiences. Every Sunday from October to June, the ticket price also includes admission to Cinebimbicittà, a workshop dedicated to children offering a wide variety of activities, special events and interactive visits. All activities are in Italian language.

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A walk through the history of Cinema


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Cinecittà si Mostra, Via Tuscolana, 1055
Via Tuscolana, 1055
41° 50' 57.9876" N, 12° 34' 27.75" E


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