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Casa t r i p l e f

t r i p l e f  is a concept created by Federica Formilli Fendi with the creative co-direction of Carlo Alberto D’Emilio. It is a project that stems from their passion for fashion, design and furniture.

Between the Regina Coeli prison and the Botanical Garden, there is the historic building in Via delle Mantellate 15/A, converted by various contemporary artists such as Cy Twombly, Gino de Domincis, Maurizio Mochetti and Mario Schifano as a home and workplace.
Mario Schifano just for fun together with his collaborator Renzo planted three avocado kernels in the internal cloister of the space where today stands a tree full of fruit that has become the symbol of the street itself.
It is in this space that  t r i p l e f  fuse combines art, fashion and design, recovering, reinterpreting and recreating.


POINT (12.463437098153 41.895873576893)

From Tuesday to Saturday 10.30/19.30
Sunday 11.30/18.30

For updates on timetables and procedures, please consult the >official website

06 32092165
Web site:
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Casa t r i p l e f, Via delle Mantellate, 15 A
Via delle Mantellate, 15 A
41° 53' 45.1464" N, 12° 27' 48.3732" E


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