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Seven traditional dishes for a real Roman lunch

Spaghetti cacio e pepe

Simple but tasty, the Roman cuisine is ideal for a lunch based on traditional flavours, which recalls the warm familiar atmospheres of the past, in the name of excellent food.

Here is our proposal of seven original Roman dishes: so, test your cooking skills and prepare a delicious meal! 

If appetite grows with eating, what is better than a crunchy fried starter? Courgette flowers or cod fillet? Both are finger-licking! The flowers, which must be field fresh, are stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies; the fillets are dipped in batter and then thrown into boiling oil. Unforgettable.

Spaghetti or tonnarelli? The important thing is that they are creamy, tasty and al dente! We are talking about spaghetti cacio e pepe,  with cheese and pepper, prepared in just fifteen minutes. It is a simple but full of history recipe, very popular thanks to the excellent local sheep's cheeses.

Famous all over the world, it is the first course we suggest as an alternative: despite its uncertain origins, spaghetti alla carbonara is the most representative Roman dish. Exclusively based on local products, eggs, bacon and pecorino romano. Remember, absolutely no cream! Outstanding!  

What meal would it be without a good second course? Roman people has always made wise use of the fifth quarter, the offal of the animal, creating extraordinary recipes. We suggest you a great classic recipe, with an intense flavour: coda alla vaccinara. It is the oxtail, or veal tail, served with vegetables. One of the versions includes the use of pine nuts, raisins and bitter cocoa.

The artichoke is the king of vegetables on the Roman tables. "Alla romana", stuffed with aromas and with a characteristic standing shape, or "alla giudia", according to the ancient recipe of the Jewish-Roman cuisine.

Let's finish our lunch with an extraordinary dessert: crostata di visciole e ricotta, the ricotta and sour cherry tart, based on a shortcrust pastry stuffed, covered with sour cherry jam on which rests a layer of ricotta cream flavoured with sambuca, all covered with a second shortcrust pastry. One slice leads to another! 

Are you ready for a yummy meal?


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Media gallery
Spaghetti alla carbonaraCoda alla vaccinara - Checchino dal 1887Carciofi Crostata visciole e ricotta - Forno Boccione