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Responsible and sustainable tourism

Turismo responsabile e sostenibile - Piazza di Spagna

Travelling sustainably means respecting the environment, all the local community and its variety of cultures. It also means enjoying the territory safeguarding the physical heritage as well as the traditions and customs that have stratified during the years. Being a responsible tourist means encouraging the development of the city, involving the residents and creating a welcoming environment as well as a full access to all visitors.

DIVERSITY IS RICHNESS - Please, respect cultural differences, traditions and religion of the Country hosting you.
RESPECT IS MUTUAL - We take care of all your needs, we offer you our support and protect you from all sort of violence. You are always welcome but any sort of unlawful behaviour, environmental damage and criminal act is not.
NO ONE LEFT OUT! - All tourists are important: women, men, children, senior citizens, disabled people and ethnic minorities. We pursue an inclusive politics. There is room for everyone here.
DIFFERENTIATING THE OFFER - Quality tourism means paying attention to families, students, ancient citizens and people with special needs. We aim at developing a welcoming system suiting everybody.
A BEAUTY WITHOUT MAKEOVER - Our artistic, archaeological, and cultural heritage does not like disrespectful arbitrary art making: we say no to graffiti, scars and all sorts of vandalism. Also please, remember that the best way of preserving our priceless heritage forever is to walk or to use the public transport: smog severely damages monuments.
A VISIT WORTH A TREASURE - Maybe you are not aware of the fact that visiting monuments, museums and archaeological areas is a way of maintaining and preserving Italian artistic-cultural heritage.
SAFETY AND HEALTHCARE - Healthcare is a common good. Before leaving please ask information on how to protect both your and others’ health. Please, take all health and hygienic measures and travel safely.
GREEN TOURISM - Please, protect the environment and the territory’s peculiarities: say yes to energy saving, say no to water wasting. Please, travel consciously: leave your footsteps on your way not your garbage.
BALANCE AND QUALITY - Please, choose carefully travelling period and conditions. Your holiday will benefit from it and the city will thank you.
BEWARE OF IMITATIONS - Please, always prefer original home products. You will bring back home unique flavours and souvenirs. After all, our Country is considered the home of good cooking and “Made in Italy” products.

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