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The Fishermen Village

Borghetto dei Pescatori

Sapori e antiche tradizioni in un luogo dove il tempo sembra essersi fermato

The foundation of the Fishermen Village, called ‘Borghetto Pescatori’, dates back to 1890, when some fishermen from Naples established a makeshift settlement in the area that extended between the sea and the Pineta di Castelfusano, though that land was not completely drained yet.

Look around you and imagine the Village as it was in 1890. There are wooden houses built on sand, fishermen discussing the best fishing techniques in Neapolitan dialect, and a Trani marble statue, which you can see today in middle of the square.

It is the statue of St. Nicolas of Bari, the patron saint of fishermen, donated by the ‘Pious Association of St. Nicolas’ of the Basilica of Bari to the first fishermen who settled in the area. Well, today’s landscape is different, don’t you think? The area was redeveloped in 1931 and, thanks to the well-known writer of the period, Margherita Sarfatti, the fishermen started to enjoy stable residences.

But…are we in Semptember? If so, you must not miss the Festival of the ‘Tellina’ that is held every year in the Fishermen Village. Don’t you know the date? What are you waiting for? Ask a passerby or watch down the channel. Is there any fisherman who is cleaning ‘Telline’? Or maybe we are not in September…Now that you are aware of the Festival, you can come back to visit us… fishermen are waiting for you!

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