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Three new 'nasoni' installed along the Via Sacra in the Parco Archeologico del Colosseo

from 20 March 2024 to 31 December 2024

When the first hot weather arrives in the city, or when the temperatures become oppressive, nothing is more welcome than a sip of cool water.

In Rome, water gushes out directly from characteristic cylindrical fountains, a symbol of identity and tradition for the Romans who affectionately call them 'nasoni', due to the shape of the nozzle, which can resemble a nose.

Born in 1874 from an idea of the then Mayor Luigi Pianciani and Councillor Rinazzi, and installed since then in many squares and streets in the city centre and in the townships where they dispense fresh drinking water free of charge, the fountains were made of cast iron, were about 120 cm high, weighed about 100 kg and had three dragon-shaped nozzles.

Over the years, the design of the fountains was changed: the three decorated nozzles gave way to today's single, smooth spout from which they derive their name.

Today, 150 years after the installation of the first fountain, three new 'nasoni' were inaugurated along the Via Sacra towards the Colosseum, in one of the most important and visited archaeological areas in the world.

There are currently 2,800 nasoni in Rome and they have been geolocalised and, thanks to the App specially created by the Acea Group, Waidy Wow, you, citizens, tourists and sportsmen, can locate the nearest one to quench your thirst and also check your hydration level.

Waidy Wow, the hi-tech evolution of the old drinking fountains, has mapped the entire supply network of Rome and 150,000 water points throughout Italy.

The three fountains installed in the Parco Archeologico del Colosseo now allow citizens and visitors to Rome to quench their thirst freely at new sources of public water, but also to drink responsibly, eliminating the consumption of plastic bottles.

Added to the ten water fountains already present between the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, the three new fountains continue the initiative undertaken by the Parco in 2019.

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