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The new lighting system of the Palatine Hill

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from 4 January 2022 to 31 March 2022

It is the place that most represents the origins of Rome and Western civilization: legend has it that on this sacred hill the new city was founded. The new permanent lighting system inaugurated by the Colosseum Archaeological Park now contributes to offering a different view of the southern slopes of the Palatine Hill, which enhances the majestic beauty of the imperial palace overlooking the Circus Maximus even during the night, and allows us to explore the history of Rome from Romulus to the last emperors.

Beauty but also sustainability: realized thanks to the collaboration with Acea-Areti energy utility, the new system is in line with the original technical and lighting concept but ensures a better weather resistance and allows energy to be optimized. Custom-designed, next-gen, low impact floodlights have replaced the old ones, reducing electricity consumption by 15%. The love for art and monuments has also led to the use elements with a reduced aesthetic impact. The interiors are illuminated by a neutral light, to make compositional elements of the structure emerge at their best, while the depth of rooms is enhanced by a warmer light.

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Foto profilo Facebook Acea Gruppo