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The mausoleums of Saxa Rubra reopen to the public

Foto: Profilo Facebook Soprintendenza Speciale Roma
from 20 January 2022 to 30 December 2022

The Special Superintendence of Rome opens to the public two jewels of great historical and archaeological interest although still little known: starting from 20 January, every third Thursday of the month, it will be possible to visit the tombs of Fadilla and Nasonii, located along the Via Flaminia, the ancient Roman consular street, in the Saxa Rubra neighborhood north of Rome.

The two funerary buildings date back to the 2nd century AD: they are excavated in the tuff and embellished with an elegant decoration with mosaics, paintings and stuccos. The Tomb of Fadilla was discovered in 1923 and preserves its original decorative structure, including floor mosaic and delicate paintings on the walls and on the vault that represent animals and human figures. On the other hand, the Tomb of the Nasonii had already been discovered at the end of the 17th century: despite the looting and serious damage suffered over the centuries, the mausoleum remains an important testimony of the Age of the Antonines for both its size and the richness of its decorations.

Admission is free subject to availability, with reservations required at the email address by the Wednesday before opening.

Photo: Soprintendenza Speciale Roma Facebook

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Foto: Profilo Facebook Soprintendenza Speciale Roma