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Domus Romane of Palazzo Valentini: the visiting experience is even more exciting and engaging

from 10 January 2024 to 31 December 2024

During the excavation and renovation works in the area of the Forum of Trajan in 2005, between five and seven metres below the 16th-century Palazzo Valentini, an extraordinary archaeological area came to light, consisting of two sumptuous patrician residences dating back to the 4th century AD, equipped with a private bathing area and belonging to influential families of the time.

Since 2007, thanks to the accurate multimedia reconstruction, the use of projectors, animations, special effects and computer graphics by Piero Angela, Paco Lanciano and a team of technicians and experts, you can enjoy a fascinating underground journey into the Rome of the imperial age, a true nerve centre of the cultural and political life of the Eternal City, and relive the magnificence of these extraordinary patrician Domus, admiring their wall structures, rooms, baths, decorations and masterfully re-elaborated furnishings.

In order to re-launch the Domus of Palazzo Valentini, and to make the visit experience even more exciting and engaging, in 2023, the technological support system for multimedia narration has been completely renewed with the introduction of new-generation, high-definition video projection equipment.

Even the sound diffusion technology, fundamental for the best experience of the Domus visit, has been fully restructured with the addition of individual listening through exclusive headphones thanks to which you can enjoy a memorable immersive experience with commentary and soundtrack in high quality.

The new audio broadcasting system also allows for multilingual fruition, which in the Italian version is narrated by Piero Angela, while in the other languages  ̶  French, English, German and Spanish  ̶  the text is translated and interpreted by professional voice actors.

The enhancement of the multimedia project also includes the creation of an accessible website for people with hearing, visual, cognitive and motor disabilities.

Photo: Città Metropolitana di Roma Capitale

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