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Auting and Roma Capitale for sustainable mobility

from 23 November 2022 to 30 April 2023

The sharing economy is a sustainable market almost by definition. In the case of the “smart” and shared use of cars, the advantages are inevitably both economic (just think of the expenses for stamp duty, insurance, fuel and maintenance) and environmental, with an important reduction in greenhouse gas pollutant emissions and a consequent improvement in the quality of life, especially in a large city. Precisely with this in mind, and to incentivize new forms of mobility, Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, the company that manages Roma Capitale’s Car Sharing service, has signed an agreement with Auting, the first Italian online platform for “peer to peer” sharing of private cars.

Born in 2017 and active in various cities across Italy, Auting is a community of people who have embraced the values of the sharing economy. It works in a simple and intuitive way: you can share your car when you are not using it or choose the car best suited to your needs from those registered on the platform and made available by other users. The agreement with Roma Servizi per la Mobilità offers Car Sharing members a 15 percent discount for those who use the platform to find a car and an additional 15 percent profit for vehicle owners. Auting users who also sign up for the Car Sharing service have the opportunity to receive a welcome bonus.

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