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Science and the City. Esperienze green per il futuro


If you want to “get involved”, a rich program of initiatives dedicated to adults and children, awaits you. You will to get to know and re-discover the territory and natural resources through science and to participate, share and exchange skills and life experiences. You will be able to create natural garden and alternative vegetable gardens to decorate your home or explore and monitor the forms of life present in the urban parks and reserves of the capital.

Online workshops to build a vertical vegetable garden and a natural garden, Bioblitz and nature walks in the Laurentino Acqua-Acetosa Nature Reserve, in the Aguzzano Urban Regional Park, at Villa Leopardi and Villa Doria-Pamphili, and finally in the Pineto Urban Regional Park, are scheduled.

The project also includes a series of activities dedicated to schools with online in-depth courses on the world of plants, on the structure and function of alternative gardens, on urban green areas, urban biodiversity and sustainability.

Natural Garden Lab

The Natural Gardens are outdoor spaces that present settings in which different species of wild animals are helped to feed, thanks to exclusive feeders and / or areas, and to find a shelter or a site to reproduce, thus attracting insects, birds, mammals and other species of the urban ecosystem. The proposed workshops represent concrete opportunities and opportunities to get active and learn about the techniques and materials useful for the realization of these installations and, at the same time, discover the animals that share the urban environment with us.

Orti Lab

The Orti Labs are a series of laboratories to actively experiment how to create a vertical vegetable garden and to learn about the structure and characteristics of plant organisms.

The workshops take place in live streaming from the Biblioteca Laurentina.

For the calendar of activities, consult the website in the information box.


from 10 April 2021 to 29 May 2021
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Dal 10 aprile al 29 maggio 2021

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