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Jazz & Image 2021

Jazz & Image 2021-Foto: Sito ufficiale Jazz & Image Facebook

The Celio Park becomes the setting for the 2021 edition of Jazz & Image with great Italian and international musicians who perform on a terrace with a wonderful view of the Flavian Amphitheater. The event, conceived by Giampiero Rubei, has contributed over the years in an important way to the diffusion of the jazz musical genre in Rome, allowing many talented artists to be known to the public.

The event, with the artistic direction of Eugenio Rubei, hosts among others the pianist Kirk Lyghtsey, a great protagonist of international jazz, famous pianist of Dexter Gordon, Gipsy King Acoustic, Ronnie Burrage Brooklyn Collective, Rosario Giuliani, Javier Girotto, Aires Tango, Paolo Innarella, Roberto Gatto, Bruce Ditmas Kubist Dream Band, Pippo Matino Trio, Andrea Gomellini 5et, Giovanni Tommaso Quartet, Stefania Tallini & Franco Piana, Cinzia Tedesco and many others. Jazz & Image, is not only music, but it is also a space open everyday, with free admission, including seminars, open rehearsals, music courses and other parallel cultural activities. And, moreover, you can listen to vinyl music and Jazz CDs, there are Jazz books and magazines, other musical events, seminars, meetings and music therapy activities, free musical workshops of music schools and accredited institutes, including the Saint Louis Music College and the High School Music with meetings to bring young people closer to music. A special space coordinated by Susanna Stivali with her Diva's Jazz Project is dedicated to women, with performances by emerging artists, documentary screenings and exhibitions to celebrate the figure of women in jazz music. Finally, there is also an area reserved for food and beverage provided by the best Italian producers. The festival benefits from the collaboration of the AlfaMusic label and the Hangar Cultural Association.

Photo credits: Jazz & Image official site facebook


from 12 August 2021 to 28 September 2021
Mobile phone: 
338 7070737
Web site: 

Dal 12 agosto al 28 settembre 2021
All'interno Parco del Celio

Inizio concerti ore 21.30

1 settembre - Antonella Vitale | Segni invisibili
2 settembre - Riccardo Del Fra | Three For Chet
3 settembre - Riccardo Del Fra | Moving People
4 settembre - Domenico Sanna featuring Joe Sanders Greg Hutchinson
5 settembre - Stefano Rossini | Batique Percussion 3
6 settembre - Flavio Boltro 4tet
7 settembre - Susanna Stivali Quartet+Massimo Morganti TRB+Electronic
8 settembre - Paolo Recchia Quartet
9 settembre - Walter Ricci & Band
10 settembre - Vivaldi dirige Vivaldi
11 settembre - Francesco Bruno Quartet special guest Giovanni Amato
12 settembre - Gianluca Vigliar 5tet e Valerio Vigliar
13 settembre - Vivian Tommaso, Rita Marcotulli e Israel Verela
14 settembre - Horacio El Negro Hernandez Trio
15 settembre - Fabio Zeppetella & Umberto Fiorentino Duet

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Jazz & Image 2021, Viale del Parco Del Celio
Viale del Parco Del Celio

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