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Symphonic dialogues - Europa InCanto

Dialoghi sinfonici - Europa InCanto-Foto: sito ufficiale di Europa InCanto

Symphonic Dialogues-Europa-InCanto at the Nuvola Convention Center, is an innovative concert idea created by EICO-Europa InCanto Orchestra, directed by Maestro Germano Neri.

In fact, thanks to the concert program, the Maestro interacts with the audience putting it in dialogue with the symphony orchestra: in this way are explained the historical and cultural reasons why melodies written in certain keys are able to influence emotions; or why our brain activates certain areas in response to different tones and sound frequencies.

 These and many other information make the innovative listening experience, as new interpretative tools are provided to the public which allow them to appreciate the concert much more. Furthermore, each program represents a world of stories, curiosities and anecdotes to be discovered which are described to the public with an original communicative method enriched by extemporaneous examples provided by the orchestra.

 Upcoming concerts scheduled include: Franz Liszt's Rhapsody II, Johannes Brahms' Hungarian Dances, Gioachino Rossini's The dance with the theme of how popular music enters cultured music, to discover the mutual influences between the two genres; the Sorcerer's Apprentice by Paul Dukas and the Night on Montecalvo by Modest Musorgskij instead, about the discovery of the orchestral sounds that lead us into a sort of musical noir, through the execution of two mysterious symphonic poems.

Photo credits: courtesy of Europa InCanto official site


from 18 December 2022 to 26 March 2023
POINT (12.471897 41.831018)
Online purchase:
Online reservation:
06 48160-312-507-533-536

dal 18 dicembre 2022 al 26 marzo 2023
ore 11.00

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Dialoghi sinfonici - Europa InCanto, Viale Asia, 40-44
Viale Asia, 40-44
41° 49' 51.6648" N, 12° 28' 18.8292" E

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