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Cenerentola, Opéra Nationale di Parigi, ph. Focusart

The evocative ballet in three acts, based on the famous story by Charles Perrault, is staged on Teatro Grande of the ancient Roman baths as part of the 2023 Caracalla Festival.

Proposed for the first time by the Corps de Ballet of the Teatro dell'Opera, the production is modern and original but faithful to Sergej Prokof'ev's score, in the version signed by the great Rudolf Nureyev in 1986 for the Opéra of Paris, revived by Aleth Francillon, Gillian Whittingham and Benjamin Pech with the supervision of Eleonora Abbagnato.

Against the backdrop of 1930s Hollywood, a humiliated Cinderella is running away from an alcoholic father and an obnoxious stepmother. Between drama and glamour, after meeting a powerful film producer, the girl makes her big screen debut, winning the protagonist's love and achieving her dream of becoming a star.

On stage, Rebecca Bianchi (Cinderella), Michele Satriano (the movie star - Prince charming) and Alessio Rezza (the film producer), Alessandra Amato and Susanna Salvi (the stepsisters) and Claudio Cocino (the ballet master), accompanied by the spectacular music of the great composer performed by the Orchestra of the Teatro dell'Opera conducted by Alessandro Cadario, at his debut on the Capitoline podium.


from 1 July 2023 to 4 July 2023
POINT (12.495191 41.879187)
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Dal 1 al 4 luglio 2023

Sabato 1 luglio - ore 21.00
Domenica 2 luglio - ore 21.00
Martedì 4 luglio - ore 21.00

presso il Teatro grande

Lo spettacolo sostituisce Strictly Gershwin, previsto nelle stesse date

Giorni di chiusura 
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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Cenerentola, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 52
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 52
41° 52' 45.0732" N, 12° 29' 42.6876" E

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