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depuis 14 Mai 2022 à 31 Août 2022

It’s Europe’s most popular airport among passengers: for the fifth year running, the “Leonardo da Vinci” leads the ranking drawn up annually by ACI - Airpo

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Foto Profilo Facebook Sapienza Università di Roma
depuis 14 Mai 2022 à 30 Septembre 2022

New prestigious recognition for the oldest university in Rome and the largest university in Europe.

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Filippo Lippi, Annunciazione
depuis 10 Mai 2022 à 31 Mai 2023

An evocative journey that takes us from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 16th century, from the hieratic image of the ancient table of the “Madonna Advocata

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depuis 6 Mai 2022 à 31 Décembre 2022

So writes the Financial Times, the prestigious British newspaper, suggesting a visit to the historic Roman quarter to its most romantic readers.

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Marco Aurelio
depuis 5 Mai 2022 à 31 Août 2022

Per garantire un sostegno alle imprese turistiche, tra le più colpite dalla crisi sanitaria ed economica, e migliorare la competitività e l’attrattività del territorio, l’Amministrazione capitolina

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depuis 3 Mai 2022 à 1 Octobre 2022

The US aviation giant American Airlines inaugurated the 2022 summer season with 5 flights departing from Rome Fiumicino airport to the United States.

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Palazzo Gabrielli-Mignanelli
8 Juillet 2022

After years on the Parisian catwalks, the iconic haute couture brand returns to Rome, the place of choice, where it all began, back in 1959 with the first atelier

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Roma Summer Fest ph. Auditorium Parco della Musica Official Website
depuis 28 Avril 2022 à 26 Septembre 2022

The Capital is ready for a season of great music with the Roma Summer Fest, the great event scheduled from June to September in the splendid setting of the Cavea d

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Roseto Comunale
depuis 20 Avril 2022 à 12 Juin 2022

For the 2775th birthday of the Eternal City, the Municipal Rose Garden, a splendid garden on the slopes of the Aventine, reopens with free admission

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Nella foto, l’ologramma del buco nero realizzato da Jeremy Schnittman della Nasa. Crediti: Maria Teresa Menna/Inaf
depuis 28 Mars 2022 à 31 Décembre 2022

The Inaf Astronomical Observatory in Rome has inaugurated the first holographic installation dedicated to science education in Italy.

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Foto profilo ufficiale Facebook Giardino di Ninfa
depuis 19 Mars 2022 à 1 Novembre 2022

It is one of the wonders of our landscape heritage: after the winter closure, the most romantic garden in the world according to the New York Times, declared a Natural Monument by

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Foto profilo ufficiale Facebook American Airlines
depuis 14 Mars 2022 à 31 Décembre 2022

Direct connections between the United States and Rome are increasing.

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depuis 7 Mars 2022 à 31 Janvier 2023

Some says the secret name of Rome is its palindrome: amor, love that wins everything.

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depuis 28 Février 2022 à 31 Août 2022

In the Palazzo del Collegio Romano (Palace of the Roman College), built between 1581 and 1584 as the headquarters of the Society of Jesus founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyol

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depuis 22 Février 2022 à 30 Juin 2022

Sustainability, innovation and inclusion are the three keywords describing the next future of MAXXI.

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Foto Account Ufficiale Facebook Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica
depuis 15 Février 2022 à 31 Décembre 2022

It is one of the largest archaeological sites in the world and, together with Pompeii, the best example of a Roman city that has come down to us.

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Affresco con l'Aurora, Guido Reni, dettaglio, ph. Casino dell'Aurora Pallavicini Official Website
depuis 16 Février 2022 à 31 Décembre 2022

The famous fresco realized by the great master of 17th-century classicism between 1613 and 1614 in the beautiful

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American Airlines
depuis 8 Février 2022 à 31 Octobre 2022

The major American aviation giant American Airlines has announced non-stop flights resumption between the "Big Apple" and the Italian capital starting next 5 April

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Foro Romano
depuis 2 Février 2022 à 31 Décembre 2022

At the end of the promotional campaign started in June 2021 to keep the interest in the Peninsula alive, Enit, the National Tourism Agency, concludes and discovers that Ita

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depuis 1 Février 2022 à 1 Février 2023

A permanent and interactive digital platform to “collect memories” or simply tell ourselves and the city we live in, revealing its colorful face.

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depuis 28 Janvier 2022 à 31 Décembre 2022

Rome is the first Italian city where users can make use of the new features introduced by Google Maps to make navigation more intuitive and detailed.

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Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere
depuis 25 Janvier 2022 à 30 Septembre 2022

For the Travellers' Choice Awards 2022, Rome has no equal in the world when it comes to food.

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Foto: Profilo Facebook Soprintendenza Speciale Roma
depuis 20 Janvier 2022 à 30 Décembre 2022

The Special Superintendence of Rome opens to the public two jewels of great historical and archaeological interest although still little known: starting from 20 January, every third Thursda

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depuis 25 Janvier 2022 à 31 Octobre 2022

Direct flights between the Capital and the US "Windy City" will be reactivated next spring.

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Pietre d'inciampo
depuis 21 Janvier 2022 à 31 Décembre 2022

The Obra Pia in Italy - the ancient institution entrusted to the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See - paid homage to the memory of David and Settimio Limentani with two

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The endless Growth
depuis 26 Décembre 2021 à 31 Décembre 2022

Inaugurated in the Garbatella district, the city's first bio-resin mosaic, a new, innovative, and environmentally friendly digital agora with proximity tec

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depuis 19 Décembre 2021 à 15 Juin 2022

The first direct connection from and to Australia in the history of civil aviation: Qantas, Australia’s leading airline, will offer three flights a week be

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Serra Moresca
depuis 7 Décembre 2021 à 20 Septembre 2022

A profusion of stuccoes, polychrome glass, carved stones, blue, yellow and ocher colored decorations: commissioned in the first half of the 19th century to the architect Giuseppe Jappelli

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Waidy Wow
depuis 27 Juillet 2021 à 31 Juillet 2022

Waidy, the water and environment-friendly app that geolocates fountains and "nasoni," renovates itself.

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depuis 22 Juin 2021 à 22 Juin 2022

Starting from 1 July, in all countries of the European Union it’s possible to travel without restrictions by using the EU Digital COVID certificate, an initiative 

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depuis 1 Juin 2021 à 30 Juin 2022

Born from an agreement signed between Roma Capitale and Aeroporti di Roma SpA, the initiative to broadcast the Roma Informa news inside the Leonardo da Vinci, the

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Nuova arena Colosseo
depuis 26 Mai 2021 à 31 Mai 2022

After numerous studies and investigations, the project to provide the Colosseum with a new arena, which ideally took shape in 2014, enters the operational phase.

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depuis 17 Août 2020 à 31 Décembre 2022

Rome has always had a special bond with water, suffice it to think of the remains of its monumental aqueducts and its marvelous and spectacular fountains: today, a new application shows all the cit

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