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Seven romantic things to do in Rome

Tramonto San Pietro

«Roma, ce semo, aiutame tu, io nun te dico niente, Roma
Ma stasera c'ho bisogno de te, e tu quanno vói 'ste cose le combini bene
Roma nun fa' la stupida stasera, damme 'na mano a faje di' de sì
Sceji tutte le stelle più brillarelle che c'hai e un friccico de luna tutta pe' noi»
(Roma nun fa’ la stupida stasera)

Rome is the city whose outlines, stories and colours express love and magic. Here you find our seven proposals to spend a day as perfect lovers:

#1 Eat a "maritozzo" with cream crossing Ponte Sisto
A winning combination: the traditional Roman sweet and the most romantic bridge in Rome. An evocative view and a play of lights on the Tiber flowing slowly. Crossing Ponte Sisto is a must, to get to Trastevere or Campo de' Fiori, treating yourself to a sin of gluttony with the soft bun with whipped cream, which once a girl’s fiancé used to give his bride-to-be.

#2 Admire an unusual perspective of Saint Peter's Basilica from Passeggiata del Gelsomino
A little-known place, but capable of giving unexpected emotions. Along this former track of the Vatican Railway, transformed into a romantic walk, you can admire Saint Peter's Dome and take an original picture. During the Summer, the path is filled with fragrant jasmines, the white flowers that give their name to the unusual route.

#3 Share a kiss on the pond of Villa Borghese
A true corner of paradise, with exotic plants, ducks and birds: the small lake of Villa Borghese is ideal for a romantic kiss on a colourful rowboat, under the impenetrable gaze of the muses, nymphs and divinities of the splendid Temple of Aesculapius.

#4 Read a poem in front of Keats-Shelley House
«I cannot exist without you. I am forgetful of everything but seeing you again» wrote John Keats, one of the greatest English poets, whose last home was in Rome, just to the right of the Spanish Steps. The house-museum is one of the most evocative places in the city: if you love poetry, you will feel emotionally moved thinking of the verses of the great English romantic writers.

#5 Hold your hands in front of the sunset from the Orange Garden
Describing the sunsets of Rome with a single colour would be impossible: pink, orange, gold, purple, the shades are truly unique. From the Orange Garden, you can admire one of the most amazing views of the city. Captured in the movie "The Great Beauty", the enchanting belvedere takes its name from the numerous bitter orange trees present. No need for words, only Rome and its sunset.

#6 Sharing a "supplì" overlooking the Imperial Fora
Street food is a characteristic of the Capital and, together with a breathtaking view, the combination is perfect: the evocative light of the blue hour of twilight, the ancient shadows of the Imperial Fora, and ... the magic of Rome! Between a tasty bite and a romantic gaze, you will enjoy an evening in the name of love!

#7 Follow the tradition at the fountain of lovers
It is nighttime and the lights illuminate the wonderful Trevi Fountain: that's the perfect time to throw your coin in the fountain and make a wish. Then, look to the right: on the external side of the fountain is a rectangular basin with two small spouts, the fountain of lovers. According to ancient legends of the Roman tradition, if you drink at this fountain, you will stay in love and remain forever faithful.

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