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2022 Appia Day

Appia day is a widespread festival that, from Rome to Brindisi, celebrates the charm of the Appian Way. It ideally combines the places and communities crossed by the route of the ancient consular road in an itinerary between archaeology and sustainable rediscovery of the territory to show you the Regina Viarum as you have never seen it.

Appia Day 2022 awaits you with dozens of events, including archaeological walks with the Italian Touring Club, free guided tours, historical re-enactments, open state and municipal monuments, hiking, cycle tours, music, exhibitions, shows, historical re-enactments, activities for children, educational workshops, and itinerant meetings.

With its 2300 years of history, the Appian Way still preserves a unique historical heritage that connects Rome to distant territories and projects it in the near future in which the precious evidence you can admire along its path can realize an idea of sustainable mobility to make you live its territories in the best possible way.

Appia Day asks, therefore, for the pedestrianization of the Roman Appian Way 365 days a year to make it the gateway to a new, greener, and liveable city model that points to the existing cultural and landscape heritage and reaffirms the international prestige of an incomparable route.

The program may be subject to changes

Photo: Appia Day offiicial Facebook page

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