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IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

Istituto Europeo di Design

The Istituto Europeo di Design was born in Milan in 1966 from the extraordinary vision of Francesco Morelli. Today it is internationally recognized and spans over three countries: Italy, Spain, and Brazil.

Inaugurated in 1973, the Rome headquarter, present in the city with three offices in the San Giovanni, Pigneto, and Testaccio districts, can count on a network of 500 professional teachers and offers over 60 classes, including Bachelor, Masters, and Continuing Education.

It actively participates in local events and initiatives. The partnerships with prestigious realities and companies allow the students to deal with the protagonists of local cultural and productive life.

IED Roma has launched innovative projects in Design, Visual Arts, Communication, and Fashion, a crucial sector for the Italian and international economy.

The Fashion courses, which aim at both graduates from High School and University or professionals who want to improve and broaden their skills, range from the creative to the strategic field, from the organizational to the commercial aspects, from marketing to image and communication activities up to more specifically creative fields to managerial and commercial ones, from the stylist to the fabric or jewelery designer, from the journalist to the organizer of events.

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POINT (12.524265 41.886685)
POINT (12.52063381155 41.888979149019)
POINT (12.472581569221 41.878994967395)
Polo Via Alcamo 06 7024025 - Polo Via Casilina - Polo Via Giovanni Branca 06 5717651
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IED - Istituto Europeo di Design, Via Alcamo, 11
Via Alcamo, 11
41° 53' 12.066" N, 12° 31' 27.354" E
IED - Istituto Europeo di Design, Via Casilina, 47
Via Casilina, 47
41° 53' 20.3244" N, 12° 31' 14.2824" E
IED - Istituto Europeo di Design, Via Giovanni Branca, 122
Via Giovanni Branca, 122
41° 52' 44.382" N, 12° 28' 21.2952" E

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