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Coppedè: et Lux in Tenebris

Coppedè: et Lux in Tenebris-Foto: sito ufficiale della Galleria SpazioCima

To celebrate the centenary of the foundation of the Coppedè district, designed and built between 1915 and 1927 by the architect Gino Coppedè, the SpazioCima Gallery pays homage to the famous district with a composite and fascinating style, which stands between Via Salaria and Nomentana, with exhibitions, concerts and outdoor shows.

The original exhibition project - with free entry - passes through evocative places where Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Greek, Gothic, Baroque and medieval art intersect in perfect harmony; in this very varied context the works of four artists are exhibited where views, landscapes, details and plastic and architectural details are delicately represented, and where the common denominator for all is an extraordinary propensity for beauty.

Alongside the exhibitions, performances are set up in open and itinerant spaces such as in Piazza Mincio and under the arch with the chandelier, which symbolically represents the project.

Among the other scheduled events, an exhibition with set photos by Franco Bellomo for Dario Argento's films; reading of poetry and literature "between the two wars" by Prof. Claudio Cipriani; a day of study on the Coppedè district with interventions by architects and architecture specialists; concerts of classical, contemporary and jazz music by famous composers of the first thirty years of the 21st century.

Exhibition program:

Raffaele Canepa from 3 to 27 April

Yuriko Damiani from 2 to 25 May

Mauro De Luca from 28 May to 14 June

Valerio Prugnola from 18 June to 12 July

Photo credits: courtesy of the SpazioCima Gallery


desde 3 Abril 2024 hasta 12 Julio 2024
POINT (12.5033309 41.917968)
Web site:

Dal 3 aprile al 12 luglio 2024

Raffaele Canepa dal 3 al 27 aprile
Yuriko Damiani dal 2 al 25 maggio
Mauro De Luca dal 28 maggio al 14 giugno
Valerio Prugnola dal 18 giugno al 12 luglio

Tutti i vernissage dalle ore 18 alle 21
Aprile e maggio: da mercoledì a sabato 15.30-19.00
Giugno e luglio: da martedì a venerdì, sabato: apertura su appuntamento 15.30-19
Chiusure straordinarie: 20 aprile – 31 maggio  28 giugno

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Coppedè: et Lux in Tenebris, Via Ombrone, 9
Via Ombrone, 9
41° 55' 4.6848" N, 12° 30' 11.9916" E

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