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Notre Dame - Il Mistero della Cattedrale

Notre Dame - Il Mistero della Cattedrale

The Auditorium Conciliazione hosts Notre Dame - Il Mistero della Cattedrale, a show loosely based on the famous novel by Victor Hugo.

In Paris, in 1482, on the occasion of the feast of the Epiphany, a bizarre work by the poet Pierre Gringoire is staged when, surprisingly, a group of cheering and colourful gipsies led by Clopin, the king of the argotiers, interrupted it. Among them is the beautiful Esmeralda, who fascinates those present with numbers of illusion and magic.

The Archdeacon of the Cathedral, Claude Frollo, is particularly disturbed by the young woman; Quasimodo, the deformed bell ringer, is amazed at such beauty, while Febo, the captain of the royal guards, can't take his eyes off her. There is also Febo's fiancée, the perfidious Fiordaliso, who has always hated gipsies and would like them out of Paris. That is the pretext for putting her plan into action: she wants to solve the mystery of the Cathedral to have wealth and power.

The program may undergo changes


4 Noviembre 2023
POINT (12.4636668 41.9025485)
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Sabato 4 novembre 2023
Ore 17.00

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Notre Dame - Il Mistero della Cattedrale, Via della Conciliazione, 4
Via della Conciliazione, 4
41° 54' 9.1764" N, 12° 27' 49.2012" E

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