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Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori

Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori

The Accademia brings together over 130 national tailors. It organizes a course aimed at young people, which provides appropriate tailoring training for professionals capable of responding to the many requests made by national and international tailoring.

The courses, which include a three-year men's and women's sewing school and a three-year men's and women's pattern-making school, are held by Master Tailors, with many years of experience and significant knowledge of the Italian tailoring tradition.

The Academy also organizes refresher and improvement courses aimed at all those who wish to broaden and refine their tailoring skills.

Born in 1575, on the impulse of Pope Gregory XIII, with the foundation of the Antica Università dei Sartori (Taylors), the Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori is the oldest Italian association in the clothing sector.

The University had its first headquarters at the foot of the Capitoline Hill, in Vicus Jugarius, where the church of Sant'Omobono, the place of worship of the Sartoris, once stood.

In 1801, all the guilds, including that of the Sartori, were suppressed by the will of Pope Pius VII, with the consequent closure of the University.

In 1947, the enterprising master tailor Amilcare Minnucci resumed the tradition of the University, giving life to the current Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori.

In 1960, the headquarters moved to Via Due Macelli, in 1967, to Largo dei Lombardi, and in 2013, to Via Boncompagni. The current location of the Accademia and its tailoring training school is in Via Francesco Crispi 115, not far from piazza Barberini.

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Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori, Via Francesco Crispi, 115
Via Francesco Crispi, 115
41° 54' 21.1284" N, 12° 29' 8.5992" E

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