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Drusilla Foer

A resounding and consolidated success for some seasons, but never the same, Eleganzissima is a journey through the anecdotes drawn from the surprising life of Madame Foer, who lived between Italy, Cuba, America, and Europe, and dotted of meetings and great friendships with unusual people and famous people, between the real and the probable. A recital, full of live music and songs, between confidential and unique stories and exceptional memories of universal value. The audience finds itself involved in a journey into the unusual reality of a real extraordinary character, in an alternation of moments that elicit laughter and others of moving intensity. On stage with Madame Foer, author, and interpreter of Eleganzissima, her musicians, who are joined in some moments on the classical guitar by her legendary manager and producer Franco Godi.

Drusilla Foer, singer, actress, and author, has long been a style icon. He successfully attended theatre, radio, television, and cinema, quickly becoming a cult star also on the web, with over 800,000 active followers on Instagram, 900,000 on Facebook, and 70,000 on Youtube. An irreverent and anti-bourgeois character, he often lends himself to support of important social causes. Poses for photographers, stylists, and artists of international prestige.

Recital by and with Drusilla Foer

Artistic direction Franco Godi

Loris DiLeo piano
Nico Gori sax and clarinet
Franco Godi classical guitar

Organization Vincenzo Berti and Gianluca Bonanno for Ventidieci and Monica Savaresi for Savà Produzioni Creative.
Best Sound production

The program may undergo changes


30 Julio 2023
POINT (12.3006493 41.7591887)
Online purchase: 
Web site: 

Domenica 30 luglio 2023
Ore 21.00

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Drusilla Foer, Viale dei Romagnoli, 717
Viale dei Romagnoli, 717
41° 45' 33.0804" N, 12° 18' 2.3364" E

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