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Tourism: one billion and 380 million for accommodation facilities with the new FRI-Tur incentive

desde 28 Febrero 2023 hasta 31 Diciembre 2023

FRI-Tur (Business revolving fund for business support and development investments in tourism), the new incentive to encourage a leap in the quality of Italian accommodation facilities, promoted by the Ministry of Tourism and managed by Invitalia, kicks off.

Applications can be sent starting from noon on 20 March 2023 until oon on 20 April 2023, while the documentation can be downloaded from the Invitalia web platform.

The incentiveis is aimed, among others, at hotels, agritourism, bathing establishments and spas, open-air accommodation facilities, tourist ports, and companies in the exhibition and congress sector. The focus is on sustainability and digitization, in particular on energy and anti-seismic requalification. Other eligible interventions are the elimination of architectural barriers, extraordinary maintenance, construction of thermal pools, and purchase or renewal of furnishings.

There are two forms of facilitation: a direct contribution to spending, granted by the Ministry of Tourism, and a subsidized loan, granted by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. Both concessions will be granted based on the project evaluation entrusted to Invitalia.

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