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Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti di Roma

Connection and contamination are the watchwords of the Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti - House of Emerging Technologies, the living lab inside the Tiburtina station conceived by Roma Capitale and co-financed by the MED (Ministry of Economic Development) and other corporate partners.

The new facility is a cutting-edge center with a strategic vision in smart city terms: a multipurpose space where to develop new ideas and research projects in a sustainable way, roll-out start-ups, test the most innovative solutions at the service of citizens and businesses – leveraging emerging technologies such as blockchains, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and 5G networks –  and disseminate know-how, experience and resources.

Its 800 square meter spaces are equipped with a wide range of services and tools, for example interactive whiteboards, and allow for different types of activities, from working independently in the large open space dedicated to co-working to co-design and brainstorming meetings in the meeting rooms. Architecturally curated, the space has also a scenic impact, with its large windows offering a striking view of the railway platform and the large gallery suspended above it.

To encourage the participation of start-ups and small/medium enterprises, numerous workshops are organized to facilitate the establishment of entrepreneurial groups, the definition of ideas, and the exchange of information between the entrepreneurial fabric and new players in the innovation ecosystem, particularly in the areas of mobility and citizen/tourist services.


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Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti, Piazzale Della Stazione Tiburtina
Piazzale Della Stazione Tiburtina
41° 54' 39.852" N, 12° 31' 52.3956" E

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