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Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre

An international boutique theatre and multimedia event space in the centre of Rome

The Forum Theatre, formerly Teatro Euclide, has a history as long as the adjacent recording studios.

The auditorium, in the basement of the Basilica del Sacro Cuore and oriented perpendicularly to the church's nave, has served the Parioli district as a parish cinema since the 1950s.

On the seats of the long, narrow cinema hall of the 'Cinema Euclide', stars, directors and celebrities have followed one another, shoulder to shoulder with the inhabitants of the area, to enjoy the great masterpieces of the seventh art for which the Forum Studios often played a leading role in the production of the soundtracks. Among them was Alberto Sordi - a great friend of the studios together with founder Piero Piccioni - who chose the foyer of the cinema and its monumental staircase to set the famous 'phone call scene' from Luigi Zampa's 'Il Medico della Mutua'.

In 1990, the cinema turned into a theatre and was renamed 'Teatro Euclide', becoming a neighbourhood landmark for the art of drama.

In 2023, the structure, with a monumental double foyer and a two-hundred-seat hall, changed its name and the 'Forum Theatre' saw the light.

It becomes part of the great Forum Studios project thanks to a major technological and structural modernisation, serving the studios not only as an additional recording venue (next to Studio A and Studio Master) and television station, but also as a music theatre with international programming, a venue for corporate events, a cocktail bar and an immersive multimedia theatre: including three hundred and sixty degree projections and state-of-the-art audio.

Today, the Forum Theatre is a multifunctional structure at the service of every type of production capable of satisfying every need, just a few kilometres from the centre of the Eternal City, easily accessible from the major motorway arteries, equipped with private parking and richly served by the exclusive accommodation facilities of the Parioli district.

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POINT (12.480595 41.927367)

For the opening times and guidelines please check the official website.

06 8084259
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Forum Theatre, Piazza Euclide, 34
Piazza Euclide, 34
41° 55' 38.5212" N, 12° 28' 50.142" E

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