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TripAdvisor 2024 Travellers’ Choice Awards, Rome among the most popular destinations

depuis 9 Février 2024 à 31 Mai 2024

The Travellers’ Choice Awards presented by TripAdvisor, the famous hotel, restaurant and resort review site with eight million profiles, are an important recognition in the world of tourism because they show which destinations will be the most popular and trending for the new year based on the number of positive ratings written by the user community.


Thanks to its thousands of years of history, its extraordinary monuments, its archaeological sites, its squares and fountains, in short, everything that makes it a wonderful open-air museum, Rome rightfully enters the list of every tourist’s dream vacation and is ranked fifth in the Best of the Best of the world’s favorite destinations, the second most beloved European city after London.

But a perfect vacation is not just about history and culture; food also plays an important role. Featuring artichokes alla giudia or alla romana, iconic first courses and quality street food, intense and genuine flavors, and poor or gourmet recipes, the different souls that animate the Roman gastronomic tradition never cease to enchant travelers from all over the world, and Rome takes second place in the ranking of the most internationally beloved gastronomic destinations.

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