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Motori Capitale

Hosted in the vast pavilions of Fiera Roma, in a strategic location between the city and Fiumicino airport, Motori Capitale is an event dedicated to historic motoring. This is an ever-growing project developed by a group of experts in the field that draws interest and passion for historic or vintage motorized vehicles, whether cars, motorcycles, trucks, coaches or other forms of transportation of the past.

Today historic motoring is an internationally recognized and appreciated discipline, comparable to art and fashion. The phenomenon of vintage and historic cars involves an increasing number of collectors, enthusiasts or simple amateurs. The multiplication of magazines, websites and rallies testifies to the vitality of a sector that emerges as a growing reality and a market with increasingly interesting prospects for development, generating an annual revenue of about 2.5 billion euros and contributing significantly to the Italian economy.

The name of the event emphasizes how, in addition to generating economic value, motoring is also an authentic “capital” made of culture, passion, experimentation, research, design and elegance. Every vehicle brings with it a story: Motori Capitale aims to share these stories, its characters and places, preserving and where possible restoring this “capital” to its former glory. One of the main goals of Motori Capitale is to promote and protect historic motoring through collaboration with central and territorial institutions and communities, as well as the preservation of the unique skills possessed by artisans.

The fair is a unique opportunity to:

  • see up close the design and craftsmanship of bygone eras (vintage cars, motorcycles and public transportation, carriages, bicycles and military vehicles)
  • purchase historic vehicles directly from exhibitors
  • engage in interactive activities and attend themed exhibitions and events: vintage car rides, restoration demonstrations, contests of elegance and more
  • share a passion, exchange experiences and knowledge
  • participate in lectures, seminars and workshops given by experts in the field
  • discover restoration techniques used by experts and find suppliers of specialized parts and services

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depuis 21 Septembre 2024 à 22 Septembre 2024
POINT (12.326656 41.8064204)
366 8973105
Web site:

21 e 22 settembre 2024

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Motori Capitale, Via Portuense, 1645
Via Portuense, 1645
41° 48' 23.112" N, 12° 19' 35.9616" E

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