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Roma Capitale’s new guidelines for shared mobility

depuis 3 Mai 2023 à 30 Septembre 2023

Shared mobility, the choice to share vehicles or routes, is a growing phenomenon that is revolutionizing the world of traditional transportation by making it more innovative, efficient and sustainable. In addition to offering more alternatives for moving around the city, shared mobility in fact allows for zero traditional expenses related to the fixed costs of an owned vehicle, while decreasing vehicles on the road and polluting emissions.

In Rome, new guidelines for private car and scooter sharing services have been in effect since the end of April, consistent with the mission to encourage the spread of shared vehicles throughout the city and not just in the historic center and surrounding streets. In fact, one of the main changes concerns the perimeter within which vehicles can be picked up and parked, extended to areas outside the Grande Raccordo Anulare.

As regards car-sharing services, the minimum operating area of operation cannot be less than 80 square kilometers for operators employing thermal- or hybrid-powered vehicles, and 60 square kilometers for operators with all-electric-powered fleets. Services should be integrable to future MaaS - Mobility as a Service platforms. The various car and scooter sharing operators are then required to pay a fee to Roma Capitale, which was suspended during the pandemic: 2,400 euros per car for hybrids and mild hybrids, 1,500 euros for plug-in hybrids. All-electric vehicles are exempt from the fee, and there are discounts for operators who extend the service over the largest possible area.

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