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TiC - Teatri in Comune

Teatri in Comune

Teatri in Comune is the Network of spaces for the performing arts of Roma Capitale constituted by Teatro del Lido, Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo, Teatro Tor Bella Monaca and Teatro Villa Pamphilj-Scuderie Villino Corsini and collects the legacy of the "Casa dei Teatri e della Drammaturgia Contemporanea" System.

The theatres are managed by the winners of the Public Notice "Rete Teatri in Comune" issued by the Dipartimento Cultura for the concession of programming with the aim of stimulating the cultural growth of the city's fabric and enhancing local and non-local artistic and creative realities.

The Teatro Tor Bella Monaca aims to be a social and cultural reference point for the city, open and usable, a place experienced, capable of intriguing, aggregating, stimulating and guaranteeing the accessibility of artistic creation to the entire local community and the city as a whole, fostering the relationship between local cultural production and the national scene.

The Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo was born from the recovery and transformation of a former neighbourhood market in the Municipality of Rome V (formerly VII). It is a multifunctional centre, inaugurated on 12 December 2007, a structure designed to host a theatre, a library, and also includes an exhibition area and a refreshment area.

The Teatro Villa Pamphilj's programming contributes to the cultural growth of the city's fabric, through the enhancement of local experiences and the promotion of contemporary dramaturgy and new languages and creative processes. Its cultural project also addresses childhood, adolescence, school age and interaction with territorial realities linked to third age associations, in possible collaborations with universities and cultural foundations.

Located a few steps from the sea of Ostia, the Teatro del Lido is housed in the former Vittorio Emanuele III marine colony, a complex of spaces built in the 1920s and subject to extensive renovation work by the City of Rome from 1999 to 2003. Currently, the compound hosts several socially and culturally useful activities, including the Biblioteca Elsa Morante and Libreria Almayer.

The TICs - Teatri in Comune network skills and visions accumulated over the last decades, relate to the places that host them and aim to develop social and cultural links with the agencies of the territory, in an interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and participatory perspective.



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