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Salone delle Fontane

A jewel of rationalist architecture in the center of EUR, the “model” district built from the 1930s onward for the 1942 Rome World’s Fair, which was planned but never inaugurated.

The building, originally intended to house the technical and administrative services and the general management of the World’s Fair, was designed by architect Gaetano Minnucci in the early 1940s and is introduced by a dramatic entrance enriched by fountains decorated with mosaics (by Gino Severini, Giulio Rosso and Giovanni Guerrini), granite staircases, colonnades and gardens. With its over 2,000 square meters, today it constitutes one of the most representative locations in Rome’s hospitality scene, a versatile space suitable for conventions, conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, gala dinners, meetings, parties and metropolitan events.

Inside, the most striking space is the Salone Severini, an elegant and vast room refined by columns and floors of Carrara marble and twelve large windows. The back wall is decorated with a 1953 pictorial work by Gino Severini, painted on maronite panels. Removable partition panels connect the Salone Severini to the Sala Minnucci, which features white marble floors and twelve windows that provide natural light.

The other spaces include the Foyer, a large space with a grand marble staircase, and the Loggia Ulrich, named after the German archite

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Salone delle Fontane, Via Ciro il Grande, 10
Via Ciro il Grande, 10

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