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Toti e Tata - Il cotto e il crudo

A show for people who love improvisation, leaps into the void and, above all, the ragout that has been cooking since five o’clock in the morning: at the Roman Theater in Ostia Antica, a historical pair of Apulian comedy (Emilio Solfrizzi and Antonio Stornaiolo) stages the wonderful relationship that has seen them together on stage for more than three decades. And it is precisely Apulia, as an area rich in attractions but above all as a place of the soul where one can find oneself, that is among the protagonists of the play. Indeed, one witnesses a family reunion, where everyone recognizes each other through a secret communication between peers that has the same root, perhaps of olive tree.

There are traditions that are passed down orally as tales to be kept intact over time: in the show “Il cotto e il crudo”, the Mother Apulia comes together to celebrate itself, a land now at the center of extraordinary tourist and cultural flows. An hour-and-a-half show without looking at your phone, without thinking about the time. Because “Il cotto e il crudo” seems like an unstructured performance but born in the moment; it appears like the conversation of two friends in which one easily participates by ranging over common and shared themes. The goal is to give joy, to make the audience feel part of a small big event, to make them leave the theater happy.


8 Septiembre 2023
POINT (12.3006493 41.7591887)
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Venerdì 8 settembre 2023
Ore 21.00

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Toti e Tata - Il cotto e il crudo, Viale dei Romagnoli, 717
Viale dei Romagnoli, 717
41° 45' 33.0804" N, 12° 18' 2.3364" E

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