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La Roma XXIVh 2023

Rome XXIVh is one of a kind and includes four events focused on the world of bikes to offer the cyclist or simple visitor an experience - bike, fitness, kids, food, and music - enclosed in the setting of the Vallelunga racetrack. An event of international scope, with sponsors and participants from all over the world.

It includes:

  • ROME XXIVh Endurance Cycling Race - The only twenty-four hours on the road in Italy held within an international racetrack. With the same formulas as the world-famous 24 hours of motor racing, solo, and team cyclists compete until the last minute to see who will have covered the most kilometers in an entire day.
  • ROME XXIVh Group Cycling® - An endurance also for Fitness. The only 24h Indoor Cycling in Italy where the teams challenge each other to the sound of music and the watts released on the pedals. 24 Rides one after the other together, with the best instructors in Italy, to live a wonderful experience.
  • ROME XXIVh Minifondo Roma - The Roma XXIVh Minifondo is dedicated to youth cycling, aimed at children and teenagers between 4 and 16; the event is free and open to the public. The objective of the Rome Minifondo is to involve as many children as possible in the use of the bicycle, not only at a competitive level but also and above all a recreational level, and to transmit all the values ​​associated with the use of two wheels, such as disease prevention, sustainable mobility, the discovery of the territory and enhancement of leisure time. FREE ADMISSION FROM 6.30 PM ON SATURDAY, 15 JULY, TO 9 PM ON SUNDAY, 16 JULY
  • ROME XXIVh Expo & Music - A village dedicated to sport, food, fitness, and music, signed and accompanied by its most famous DJs, those of the Radio of the capital Dimensione Suono Roma. FREE ADMISSION FROM 6.30 PM ON SATURDAY, 15 JULY, TO 9 PM ON SUNDAY, 16 JULY


desde 15 Julio 2023 hasta 16 Julio 2023
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335 1978467
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Sabato 15 e domenica 16 luglio 2023

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