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Inauguration Festival of the Museo diffuso degli Alberi - EMoT (Widespread Museum of Trees)

Cipresso del Circo Massimo@Davide Palmieri

A festival with numerous events in different venues of the Municipio I with video installations, guided tours, site-specific performances and a photographic exhibition to inaugurate the Museo degli Alberi EMoT (EMoT Tree Museum). The EMoT Tree Museum is a diffuse, digitised, free, accessible museum: a pathway of 12 precious trees located in the city's Historic Centre.

19 April at 4 p.m.: Inaugural talk at the Orangery of the Botanical Garden to reflect on the importance of a green culture with Sabrina Alfonsi, Councillor for the Environment of the Municipality of Rome, Fabio Attorre, director of the Botanical Garden Sapienza University of Rome, Prof. Giorgio Vacchiano lecturer in Forest Management and Planning at the State University of Milan, Francesca Rachele Oppedisano curator at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, artist Michele Guido, Daniele Taffon environment and biodiversity manager of the Campagna Amica Foundation, Lara De Angelis and Pierpaolo Fabrizio creators and curators of the EMoT Tree Museum; Arianna Fusco, Emiliano Proietti Pannunzi, Roberta Petronio and Martina Cardillo Content Creators of the EMoT App. La Setta dei Poeti Estinti closes with a performance/reading.

Also on the programme are numerous tours along the route of the 12 trees, 3 video installations by the FLxER collective in various squares in the centre, and the site-specificperformance by artist Silvia Girardi.

Arranged on 3 floors, the multidisciplinary exhibition "Piani Verdi" hosts the works of various artists from "Planet Fungi" by Stephen Axford and Catherine Marciniak to "Bruno Latour - the ultimate interview" film-documentary by Camille De Chenay and Nicolas Truong, to the photo exhibition by Valentina Bellomo, Giacomo Ciangottini, Davide Palmieri.

EMoT_Museo degli Alberi (EMoT_Museum of Trees) is a Bluecheese Project funded by the European Union - Next Generation EU - PNRR Digital Transition Cultural and Creative Organisms, under the patronage of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Waste Cycle.

EMoT Festival is the winner of the Public Notice promoted by Roma Capitale in collaboration with Zètema Progetto Cultura


von 19 April 2024 bis 28 April 2024
Web site: 

Dal 19 al 28 aprile 2024
in vari luoghi del I municipio

Tutto il programma su >e-mot.net

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