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Banchetti sport

Banchetti Sport
Banchetti Sport
Banchetti Sport
Banchetti Sport
Banchetti Sport
Banchetti Sport

Sportswear and design in general, but with that extra touch of elegance

A meeting point for sports lovers from all over Italy, in the years of the economic boom and the Dolce Vita, Banchetti invents a tailor-made ski pant with a special stretch fabric discovered in France. A success! There was no Roman or passionate skier who did not buy it and then show it off on the ski slopes from Sestriere to Cortina. Time goes on, but the class remains. Today, Banchetti is a trendsetter for sportswear and design in general, but with that extra touch of elegance.

Vittorio Banchetti, owner of this historic shop, speaks about his Rome.

“I recently hung all of our older photos in the windows, to prove that the 100 years are real and that our story is a genuine and ancient tale of passion and education, handed down from father to son.

We started as gunmen in 1918, after the First World War, with the shop in front of the Palazzo del Freddo, in via Principe Eugenio. It all began with my father and his brother and their shop of salts, tobaccos, and gunpowder, as the old sales licenses stated. Already at that time, they sold 3 or 4 different types of skis. There, I began to approach the trade by loading my first cartridges.

I was not doing very well at school, so in third grade, I left. And I'm not embarrassed, here I am! I am a natural, peaceful, patient, and kind person. And this also thanks to my family. They taught me everything, they gave me a culture and a passion that has lasted for over 100 years.

Always respecting our customers who have been buying from us for generations. In a time when all is fast, immediate, and expires soon, this relationship of trust is very precious. At the Historic Shops of Excellence in Rome, we all think the same. That is why our adventure continues.

Today, we are keepers of beauty and education to taste, something that is passed on to you by your family, too. I am the sixth of seven children, and when I started working, my eldest brothers made me touch the fabrics from behind my shoulders, to learn to distinguish a flannel from a cover coat or another type of fabric because I had to sensitize my hands to "feel" the tissues.

It is a matter of old school sensibility, that contributes to the development of a passion that is important if you choose a specific job. A natural force that comes from the heart and drives you to go "ahead". If you have that kind of passion, you travel to look for something new for your customers.

Like my brother, for example, who after the Second World War goes to France where he finds that stretch fabric that made us famous in Rome, but also in Italy and abroad. With that, we began to manufacture a new type of ski pants, which until then were made of cloth or velvet and were very wide-legged.
Our pants were more adherent, like fashion in the 50s was; comfortable, but with the pelvis and hips more wrapped and modeled. We made history with those!

History sees my family always looking for innovation. In the 50s, we have been the first in Rome to sell the down-filled jackets from a famous international brand. To always follow the new trends, you need a vision, a foresight, and a merchant's mind that comes from your family, your culture, and good taste.

All this makes you anticipate trends and get there first. We have always been on the cutting-edge, looking for new brands, not for the brand itself, but its beauty. We used to ski in Madonna di Campiglio and Sestriere to check what the skiers from Turin or Milan wore because, at the time, they were richer than Romans.

When we opened the shop in its current location in 1961, on Sundays, I used to raise the shutters to show people who took the Sunday walk our goods. Our competitors noted down the names of the brands we were selling, even on their packs of cigarettes. And this until a few years ago.

Do you know that I collect old skis? Another passion born within the walls of our shop. If a customer came with his skis to fix, maybe I convinced him to buy a new pair, and I kept the old ones. I now have a collection of 28 pairs of antique skis that date back to before the 1920s. I also own a collection of old ski-boots. Today, tourists take pictures as if it were a museum.

Passion permeates these walls and drives every action!

The same that I managed to convey to my daughters. I taught them how to buy, both for quantity and taste. Because you have to anticipate the times and you can do it also by watching people walking on the street. Ten years ago, my daughter was the first to sell the clothing of today's very famous brand, but almost unknown back then.

See? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!


POINT (12.477227 41.903669)

For opening and closing times, please contact directly the shop.

06 6871420
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Banchetti Sport, Via del Leone, 23
Via del Leone, 23
41° 54' 13.2084" N, 12° 28' 38.0172" E

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