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Alimentazione a km 0

Today, eating healthy has become a real lifestyle choice reflected in the genuineness of local eating and in the rediscovery of the excellence of the territory. Rome offers the opportunity to taste and buy different specialties that contain all the flavours of the past, in full respect of nature and agricultural tradition.

While Rome is justly renowned for its artistic and cultural itineraries, its food and wine itineraries, based on typical Roman dishes, consisting of simple ingredients, rich in aromas, colours and flavours, are not less important.

There are many valuable food products typical of the Roman and Lazio countryside that characterize the regional gastronomy and have obtained the distin- guishing trademarks of the European system quality: DOP, IGP, DOC and PAT.

DOP (Protected Origin Denomination): roman Pecorino cheese, Roman ricotta cheese, Roman artichoke from Lazio, Roman round hazelnut, Atina Cannellino Beans and Pontecorvo Peppers.
IGP (Protected Geographical Indication): roasted pork of Ariccia, Genzano bread, roman lamb, Amatriciano ham.
DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin used in oenology) Cannellino of Frascati, Cesanese of : Olevano Romano, Velletri white and red, Moscato di Terracina, Circeo or Aprilia.
PAT (Traditional Food Products): Ravenna Cherries della Sabina, Nemi strawberries, Pizzutello grapes from Tivoli, Roman Broccoli, cacio fiore Cheese from Columella, Genuine Roman Caciotta cheese.

A range of different solutions is available (farmer's markets, supermarkets, restaurants and specialized shops, organic markets) for those interested in local food products and a healthy, organic, environmen- tally friendly and controlled local food diet.

Useful addresses:

All producers are members of Coldiretti, the Italian agricultural producers association. Fresh, wholesome foods, seasonal products with guaranteed short supply chains. Products such as fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread and bakery products, cereals, flour and pasta, legumes, oil, fresh meat, salami, honey, preserves, fresh raw milk on tap, plants and flowers are always available.
Address: Via di San Teodoro 74
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SpazioBio is the perfect place for anyone who is looking for the best artisan products, produced using organic agricultural methods in the heart of Rome. The sales point is promoted by the Italian Biological Agriculture Association - AIAB.
Address: Largo Dino Frisullo (ex mattatoio, zona Testaccio)
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The market, which covers approximately 500 square metres, is located in a district with high population density, having about 400 thousand inhabitants. The market sells exclusively Italian agricultural products from the surrounding areas, it therefore represents a strictly local food sources, just like all the other markets that make up the Campagna Amica network. Via Tiburtina 695
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Capannelle district This market was founded 2010, on the initiative of the “Associazione Km 0 – Consorzio Agroalimentare di Filiera Corta e dei Mercati Agricoli” (local food Association - Short Supply Chain Agri-Food and Farmer's Markets Association), in collaboration with the Province of Rome, within the context of the "Cultivating" Circuit, thanks to the alliance between a group of high quality agricultural producers and a network of local purchasing groups.
Address: Via Appia Nuova 1245
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Located next to the archaeological ruins of Ostia Antica and in front of the Medieval Fortress of Julius II, the Campagna Amica Market has become a regular event for lovers of genuine products: cheese, bread and bakery products, pasta, eggs, vegetables. The stallholders include numerous young entrepreneurs who have made their passion for Made in Italy into a lifestyle choice. During the week the true taste of Italy may be found in the Bottega (shop) that has been opened nearby by an independent farmer who works in the estate of the Aldobrandini princes.
Further info on: Via Capo Due Rami 3, Ostia Antica Municipio X
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The FRUit "Fruttisti e Crudariani in Italia" (Italian Fruit and Raw Foodism) association manages its own producers' market, at Lido di Ostia, reserved exclusively for certified organic products. The wide and varied range of organic products on offer includes fruit, vegetables, bread, cakes, pastries, honey, wine, meat, cheese and oil.
Address: Piazzetta Tor San Michele (Ostia Lido)

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