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Vicus Caprarius

Area archeologica del Vicus Caprarius

Not far from Trevi Fountain, in Vicolo del Puttarello, there is the Vicus Caprarius archaeological site, also called “Città dell’Acqua”.
It was discovered in a cinema’s undergrounds in 1999.
Inside it is possible to admire the remains of ancient buildings and a big water container, originally connected to the Virgo aqueduct and probably used up to the VI century when the structure was damaged by the Goths.
The tour is enhanced by educational panels and materials found during the excavation, such as pottery, sculptures and coins.
A video telling visitors about the various building steps and the events affecting the history of this place will complete the visit.


POINT (12.484133 41.900413)
POINT (12.4837379 41.9003101)
339 7786192 info e prenotazione
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Area archeologica del Vicus Caprarius, Vicolo del Puttarello, 25
Vicolo del Puttarello, 25
41° 54' 1.4868" N, 12° 29' 2.8788" E
Area archeologica del Vicus Caprarius, Via di San Vincenzo, 9
Via di San Vincenzo, 9
41° 54' 1.116" N, 12° 29' 1.4568" E


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