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Pagina di snodo Tassonomia
Tramonto San Pietro

Walks, sunsets and dates for falling in love, dreaming and collecting memories

Piazza del Campidoglio

Places and monuments at the center of vivid popular idioms

Adorazione dei Magi - Raffaello Sanzio ph Musei Vaticani Official Website

Since ancient times, a special bond has always been between the sacred and the soul of the city: in the first stone of the church founded by the apostle Peter, in the history of it

Filetti di Baccalà

Simple but tasty, the Roman cuisine is ideal for a lunch based on traditional flavours, which recalls the warm familiar atmospheres of the past, in the name of excellent food.


Naming and renaming: imagination to power

Via dei Coronari

A maze of streets and alleys passing on the memory of ancient Roman crafts and trades

Trionfo della Divina Provvidenza, Palazzo Barberini

Theatrical effects, optical games and perspective illusions that make art wonderful

Via dell'Orso

Bears, lions, monkeys and many more giving their name to the streets of Rome 

Anna Magnani

Seven proposals to discover the faces and stories of the women who linked their name to the city of Rome

A guide to Dante's places in Rome, linked to his work and his legacy

Torre Caetani e Ponte Fabricio

On the Tiber Island, in the direction of the

Il Faro del Gianicolo ph Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali

The Janiculum Hill is one of the most beautiful panoramic points of the city and a surprising place: from the wonderful Tempietto del Bramante to the monuments to Giuseppe and Anit

I rioni di Roma

Origin, history and fascinating facts about the ancient districts of Rome

Uno zoo di pietra - Gatta di Palazzo Grazioli

Una passeggiata per le vie del centro storico alla ricerca di animali simbolici

Cupola di Sant'Andrea della Valle

"There would be a drama that, if I were still in my career, I would music with all my soul, and it's Tosca."
(Giuseppe Verdi)