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Piazza del Campidoglio - Musei Capitolini

Below, the conditions to access museums, main city attractions, shops and entertainment activities, which refer to the stringent measures to contain and contrast the spread of Covid-19, in force from time to time.

If Rome is a yellow or an orange zone, the Tourist Infopoints are regularly open. If Rome is a red zone, the Infopoints are closed to the public. To access the Infopoints you must wear a mask, respect the rules of interpersonal distancing and sanitize your hands. In the kiosk Infopoints, the entrance is allowed one person at a time.For tourist information you can contact the dedicated Call Center 060608.

From 6 August the COVID-19 green certificate (valid as EU digital COVID certificate) is required to access museums, institutes and places of culture, theaters, cinemas, concerts, theme and amusement parks, sporting events, swimming pools, gyms, spas and wellness centers, fairs, festivals, conventions and congresses, gambling halls and casinos. It is also mandatory to sit indoors in bars and restaurants and to participate in civil and religious parties and ceremonies. This provision does not apply to children under the age of 12 and to individuals with specific medical certification. 


Museums and places of culture are required to comply with the indications included in the COVID containment measures.

We remind you that:
- The EU digital COVID Certificate is required. 
- When Rome is a white and a yellow zone, the museums and places of culture are open at the usual times.
- When Rome is an orange zone or a red zone, all museums and places of culture are closed.

Starting from 11 October, legal requirement to follow social distancing rules inside museums will no longer apply. The measures established may vary according to the trend of the epidemic.


In the Museums System of Roma Capitale, the capacity of 100% returns. However, it is always necessary to use a mask and measure the temperature at the entrance. Access to the museum is allowed only with the presentation of the Green Pass, in analog or digital format, and an identification document. The Children under 12 and those exempted from the vaccination campaign based on suitable medical certification do not need the Green Pass.

Fee-paying Museums
During the opening days of the museums, tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket office, within the limits of the capacity, it is strongly recommended to pre-purchase tickets online with an assignment of the entrance shift.
On the first Sunday of the month, reservation is required by calling 060608 by Friday evening; free tickets can be collected at the Tourist Infopoints. For the exhibition I Marmi Torlonia. Collecting Masterpieces, the pre-purchase is always compulsory.

At the access control, during the visiting shift hours, it is necessary to show the digital ticket or the purchase receipt printed in the Print@Home mode, thus avoiding having to go to the ticket office.

MIC cardholders and those entitled to a free ticket can purchase tickets by calling 060608. MIC Card is valid for a further month.

Groups, consisting of a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 people plus the guide, can access only after free booking at 060608, with pre-purchase of at least five tickets for the Capitoline Museums and two tickets for the other museums. You can pay the remaining tickets on-site at the time of the visit. The guides must be equipped with their radio or portable amplifier, guaranteeing the distancing of people, who can be in different rooms, according to the capacity.  

The indications on the groups refer only to the Museums and not to the exhibitions with separate ticketing. The access modalities may differ according to the capacity of the rooms.

Non-fee-paying museums
Free tickets are delivered directly to the museums (in compliance with the capacity, spacing, and anti-covid rules in force) or pre-purchased free of charge at 060608 (every day 9.00 - 19.00) within half an hour of visiting time. Those who have not pre-purchased through 060608 must leave their data (name, surname, email, telephone) after reading the information posted at the ticket offices, as required by current provisions.

Information and timetables


Access is allowed only to persons holding one of the Covid19 Green Pass certifications (in digital or paper format) able to attest – together with a valid identity document -:

  • that they have had at least one dose of one of the vaccines authorised by the EMA or AIFA (Comirnaty by Pfizer-BioNtech, Vaxzevria by Astrazeneca, Janssen by Johnson & Johnson and Moderna)
  • or have tested negative to a PCR or rapid lateral flow test in the previous 48 hours
  • or have recovered from Covid19 in the previous six months.

COVID-19 Green Pass is not required for children exempt from the vaccination campaign (under 12 years of age) and those exempt on the basis of appropriate medical certification.

Access and visit rules also provides for the following:

  • Restricted accesses.

  • Compulsory online booking of entrance tickets.
  • At the entrance to the site, the body temperature is measured, indicating 37.5 ° C as the limit threshold for entry.
  • It is mandatory to wear personal protective equipment.

Sales of tickets with mandatory reservation of the time slot are open weekly, from Monday to Sunday. You can purchase the ordinary entrance ticket online on the official website or through the APP that you can download on-site. The info point on the Piazza del Colosseo-temple of Venus and Rome is active to ensure the necessary assistance to the public.


To visit Galleria Borghese, you need to show your Green Pass - COVID-19 Certificate. The COVID-19 Green Certificate is not required for children under 12 years old and for those exempts on the basis of appropriate medical certification. Museum staff will check the validity of the Certificate and compare the personal data with those of a valid identity document, which must be shown together with the Green Pass. If you do not have the required documentation, it will not be possible to visit the museum and the ticket will not be refunded.

The booking of the visit is mandatory through the official website or by calling the number +39 06 32810, active from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:00. Visitis last 2 hours. The Borghese Gallery has increased the number of tickets available per visit by 20% with a new admission method. Visitors will be able to access every hour (the visit lasts two hours and reservations are required), in a continuous flow that facilitates the fluidity of the visit and improves the experience. Guided tours take place every Friday at 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm and every Saturday at 11.00 am and 1.00 pm, with two visits at each time, up to a maximum of 15 people per group. Guided tours are admitted every day, up to a maximum of 5 groups per visiting slot. Groups can be composed of a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 people, in addition to the guide and children under 15 years old. 

While staying in the museum, and in the areas adjacent to the building, you are required to:

  • always wear a mask;
  • wash your hands often with the sanitizing devices available in the museum.


To access the site, you need to show your Green Pass - COVID-19 Certificate. The COVID-19 Green Certificate is not required for children under 12 years old and for those exempts on the basis of appropriate medical certification. You must also wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth for the duration of the visit. You will be subjected to the control of your body temperature through thermometric instruments. Access is denied if your temperature is above 37.5 ° C.

Access to groups accompanied by their own licensed tour guide is allowed for a maximum of 12 people, only if equipped with radio guide systems.

Those who do not follow the instructions will be expelled from the museum.

Online booking and purchase of tickets is highly recommended, with reservation fee of 1 €, on


The access is allowed only with the Green Pass. The certification is not required for prayers and celebrations.

Always wear a mask while staying inside the monument and always keep an interpersonal distance of at least 1.5 meters. This rule does not apply to family members;body temperature will be measured before entering the monument. If it is above or equal to 37.5 ° C, the entry will not be allowed;avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, and face in general with your hands.

Admission is free and without reservation. Reservation is required on weekends, at least one day in advamce, at the official website


Access to the Vatican Museums and all related areas will be permitted only to those in possession of a Green Pass COVID-19 Certificate or equivalent certificate for non-EU countries. In addition to showing the certificate in digital or paper format, the Museum Staff may also request the visitor’s identity document, in order to verify actual ownership.

To visit the Museums, you must book through the website. The reservation is free of charge. Accesses are limited and organized on entry slots of 30 minutes each. At the time of booking, you will need to select the preferred time from those available. On the day of the visit, the time indicated on the booking voucher must be met with extreme precision (for example, those who have booked for 10.00 am will be able to access no earlier than 10.00 and no later than 10.30). After the chosen 30-minute slot, the Custody staff in charge of checking the vouchers will be able to prevent access to the Museums and, in this case, you will not be entitled to any refund.

Only for guided tours organized by the Direction of the Vatican Museums and for visits to the Vatican Gardens, visitors must arrive 15 minutes before the time indicated on the voucher to carry out the necessary reception operations and guarantee respect for the departure time of the tours.

You must wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth for the duration of the visit, even in outdoor spaces such as courtyards. You will be subject to temperature control. If your body temperature is equal to or higher than 37.5 ° C, you will not be able to access the museum. 

Competent Authorities will consider any violation. If you do not follow the provisions, you can be expelled from the Museums.

Guided and group tours are possible for groups of up to 20 people plus the guide, responsible for the respect of interpersonal distance between the group members and all the other rules and regulations in force. The possibility of using radio-transmitting equipment (group tour) is allowed. It is mandatory for all groups with more than 10 participants. The only devices allowed are those provided by the official concessionaire, distributed in dedicated stations within the Vatican Museums.

The Management will continue to organize the usual guided tours of the Vatican Museums and the Vatican Gardens for individual visitors entrusted to their educational operators and groups of up to 20 people. It will be possible to book your visit through the official ticket office In this case, you must arrive 15 minutes before the time shown on the voucher.


Here are all the safety measures you must know before visiting the Basilica:

  • Upon entering the Basilica, your body temperature is measured by a thermal scanner.

  • You are required to wear masks that completely cover your nose and mouth for the duration of the visit.

You can enter St. Peter's Basilica directly from the main entrance, while the one that passes through the Sistine Chapel is closed until further notice.

Numerous stations with hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed around St. Peter's Square for public use.


Access is only allowed to holders of one of the COVID-19 green certifications. In white zones, starting from 11 October, theaters, concert halls, cinemas, live music and entertainment venues, and other clubs or spaces can operate to a maximum capacity, and fill all their seats both outdoors and indoors. In yellow zones, shows open to the public are carried out exclusively with pre-assigned seats, with a maximum capacity of 50 percent both outdoors and indoors. From 11 October, in white zones, nightclubs, discos and dance halls can reopen to the public, with a maximum capacity of 50 per cent indoors and 75 per cent outdoors. Ventilation systems without air recirculation must be guaranteed in the dance halls indoors. It is mandatory to wear a respiratory protective device, except when dancing. In white zones, stadiums and sports facilities can operate at 75 per cent outdoors and 60 per cent indoors. For more information, consult the official websites. In the orange and red zone, all activities are suspended. For more information, consult the official websites. In orange and red zones, all activities are suspended.


In a white, yellow, and orange zone, shops are open. In a red zone, all retail activities are closed, except for points related to the sale of food and necessities, pharmacies, health centres, pharmacies selling OTC product, newsagents and tobacconists.As for the retail trade exercises, we remind you that you must wear a mask and maintain an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter from others. Entry to the shops is subject to limitation and is based on the surface of the shop itself. It is forbidden to stay inside the premises longer than the time necessary to make purchases.


Starting from 6 August 2021, the EU digital COVID Certificate is required to access indoor dining services in bars, restaurants, pastry shops, pizzerias, etc. The pass will not be necessary for consuming food or drink at tables outdoors or while standing at the bar. In the white zone, restaurants, pubs and bars are open in the evening and indoors, with no time restrictions. If the tables are outdoors, there are no limits for the number of diners. The rooms inside, on the other hand, can accommodate a maximum of 6 diners, even if not cohabiting. In the yellow area, it is possible to consume food and drinks inside bars, restaurants, and other catering activities, even for dinner, within the time limits for travel (05-12AM). During the same hours, food and drink takeaway is allowed without restrictions. Home delivery is allowed without time limits but must observe the rules on packaging and delivery of products. Catering in hotels and other accommodation facilities is allowed without time limits, limited to its guests staying. In the orange and red area, all the restaurant services are closed. Home delivery is without restrictions, and takeaway, with a ban on consumption on the spot or nearby, is still allowed, until 10 pm, limited to 6 pm, in case of a bar without a kitchen or retail trade of beverages.


In the white zone, shopping malls and outlets are open all days. In the yellow zone, the shopping malls and open-air markets are regularly open. In the orange zone, shopping centres are closed on holidays, pre-holidays and weekends, except for pharmacies, pharmacies selling OTC products, food outlets, tobacconists and newsagents. Open-air markets are closed on holidays and days before holidays. In the red zone, all the retail activities inside shopping malls are suspended except for pharmacies, health centres, pharmacies selling OTC product, points of sale for foodstuffs, newsagents, tobacconists, and necessities. The open-air markets, closed on holidays and pre-holidays, are open exclusively for the sale of foodstuff.

As regards the commercial establishments, the following is envisaged:

  • At the entrance, you must be subjected to the measurement of your body temperature. Entry is only allowed if yours is below 37.5 ° C.
  • You must wear a mask for the entire time you stay in the shopping center, except for times when you use services that are incompatible with them - catering, facial beauty treatments.
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