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Terme di Costantino

Built around 315 AD, used to occupy a vast area of the Quirinale, within the actual Via XXIV Maggio, Piazza del Quirinale, Via Nazionale and Via della Consulta. At the beginning of the XVII century, were razed to the ground to build Palazzo Rospigliosi. During the excavations, many statues that adorned the rooms of the Thermal baths were found, among which the two Dioscuri that are at present in the Piazza del Qurinale, the statue of Costantino and Costanzo on the balustrade of the Campidoglio, the statue of Costantino which is now in San Giovanni in Laterano, the two statues of the Rivers of Palazzo Senatorio, the so-called Torso del Belvedere and maybe the bronze statue of the Pugilatore in riposo (Resting boxer) at present in the Aula Ottagona at the Thermal baths of Diocleziano. Notes: The building was destroyed in 17th century and cannot be seen anymore.


POINT (12.4863089 41.8992042)
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Terme di Costantino, Piazza del Quirinale
Piazza del Quirinale
41° 53' 57.1344" N, 12° 29' 10.7124" E

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